Moving Part One… But That’s Not The Story

I haven’t been this angry in a while. People behave like scumbags and then scatter away hoping not to be called on it. There is always something… Why can’t it just be civilized? 



I did as much as I could last night and passed right out. I got up early as always and started packing. I wanted to ease into it but my dad being the way he is instigated the loading of the mattress. I find it easier to humor him with his request and then point something out that changes his perspective on what we had done. Loading the mattress into the van first wasn’t the smartest of moves. Taking it down from where he was storing it was. 

So it continued. My stuff is scattered between three places and inside this house they are in various different places tucked away until now. My stuff is scattered. It kind of reflects how my life was at the time that I was leaving all that time ago. 

I essentially loaded up the van myself. Dad was gone mom was doing stuff and my sis was waking up. We will help you with the mattress… Then they got angry at me for not calling them as I was tying it down on top of the van. What?! Was my response. It’s not that heavy. Besides I think to myself in quite goal oriented and just want to get this done. 



 We drove out to Vancouver after a quiet lunch after a discussion. Parents… What more can I say. It doesn’t mean I don’t love them it means I love them a lot. So we were on our way. My sis was excited to be visiting her old stomping grounds. 

-I’m on the second floor. 

-Is there an elevator?

Well one of those statement was true. But there is no need for an elevator due to the quirks of the numbering system much to the relief on my sis. As I organized she asked if she could walk around and visit the beach that is one block away. She orientated herself to where I live. 

 We were ready to go to my place of residence. The place where the couch that I’m sleeping on is. We get a call from my mom that as it went on made me quite upset. 

My dad has been getting rid of all the equipment that he used to manufacture sausage. He has this industrial sized kettle that he used to cook sausage and other things in. He had someone coming over later to pick it up. They had agreed on a price. 
The guy K and his partner or employee B loaded it. Then instead of giving my dad the full 2K they gave him half and said that my sis owed him fourteen hundred from four years ago. K used to supply her with baked goods that he produced. He is a classic “businessman” one who counts every good as long as it’s in his favor. He is not the type to wait four years to get paid. They said some things to my dad that I don’t really know what yet but will find out eventually. My sis never liked him as he never behaved well towards her. He is a man and he felt obligated to walk over her. Puto! Chauvinist? She learned to deal with him. It was part of her growing up. He acted differently when my brother or myself were around. One doesn’t always deal with people they like. 

Anyways the business is a thorn that was extracted a long time ago thankfully. My sis got really upset. She told me about how she closed the books with him. Wrote him all the cheques. As we drove away she spoke to mom and got the particulars. We were going to go to the shop in Surrey where they sold their wares and I guess produce them too. We hit a wall of traffic. 

When you’re angry there is nothing worse than sitting in traffic crawling towards your destination. How are we going to handle this? What were we going to do? We made a few phone calls and got his digits. He starts baking at two a.m. He is asleep usually at this time. We called all the shops he owns. 

I know how I would have handled the situation all those years ago. I can’t do that now. I’d screw myself over in the heat of the moment. Damn answering machine. Don’t leave him such a strong message sis. He’ll never call back. Phone him again.  

What were our options? Demand the money, that’s one. Give us our kettle back, two. If that’s not working? Call the cops. Tell them the situation. It’s just a cluster fuck at this point. If like to be the physical embodiment of karma and issue a smack. This is not the civilized way of handling such a situation. We have to talk to him. 

As we approached his shop he responded. My sis talked to him and then put him on speaker phone. He continued on with recounting how he was owed money. That’s when I piped in. I told him it’s bull shit what he’s saying. I said that you were paid everything you owed and if you wanted the money you should have pursued it in the intervening four fucken’ years. Besides this sale and the money you are “supposedly owed” have nothing to do with each other. He said he is not going to deal with us and that he will return the kettle tomorrow. 

I was driving and shaking screaming into the phone. What he did was disrespectful. The two of them essentially took advantage of my dads good nature and advanced years. Knowing him he wouldn’t have allowed to be taken advantage of like this years ago. They waited until they loaded the kettle to tell him the deal. What does that say about them? There is always something. Let’s see if he keeps his word. He’ll get his money back when he returns it tomorrow. What he needs to do is apologize. I can’t be there to make him. 

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