Nice Day For A Picnic

It was a nice day for a picnic but I didn’t get to have one. The morning had some drizzle but it ended nicely. It was a lovely day to be out in the air and I did get to do that at least. Getting to do what I need took some maneuvering. 

It was a  nice day for a picnic if there weren’t all these things that have to be done. Some say that one should seize the moment and enjoy it while you can. I think there might be some caveats there somewhere. I would be eating my sandwitch thinking of what needed to be done not really tasting the flavor just chewing really fast. 

Today would have been a good day for a picnic if someone would have liked to have gone with me. The parks would have been empty with only others on a day off enjoying some vacation time with their family or friends. We would have watched the clouds rolling by and the sun peer out from behind them illuminating our faces but not our sunglass covered eyes. We would discuss nothing of any importance just have a joke filled chat. 


Today would have been a good day for a picnic but before you go just one last thing I need some help with said my dad and how could I refuse. It used to be a rebellion for him to get me to do anything but over time that’s changed. Now it is almost a pleasure up to a certain point. I’ve watched him change and it’s become quite apparent since I’ve made my way back. The same goes with my mom in fact. They would have liked to have a picnic if they didn’t have so much to do. 

It was a nice day for a picnic but even long days seem short and there just isn’t time. I’d be admonished by some guru for saying that. They would tell me that in my mind I’ve already given up on hope of picnicing in the park. If that’s what I really wanted to do I would have done that. That may be true but what of all those other things that have to be done? Those things could wait they’d say you should focus on happiness first. Happiness is a state of mind so I should have dropped everything and found my place. How would I get there and how would I find the money but more importantly how could I avoid my conscience telling me to help first?

Today would have been a good day for a picnic but I brushed that aside. There was some land that needed clearing along with not my conscience but piece of mind. One more tick in a box of a seemingly long list. There are some things that need to be collected and brought to my new place.  Might as well start getting moving cause I can’t surf the couch for too much longer anyhow. 

Today was a good day for a picnic but because of the way this have shaped themselves over the years this activity isn’t a part of my reality but it’s a great when it is. Picnics are light hearted affairs not just of the heart. One must treat the digestive system with the same simple mind. The meal is to be easy to consume with little fuss all already prepared. Depending on the circumstances there could be some added flair… This is getting off track. 

Today would have been a nice day for a picnic but there will be other days. If I can get my soul to settle down my body and mind will start to rest. Then the picnic will be my constant state of being a kind of bliss. Some seek the big wave or that run down the slopes. I may be seeking a picnic or something that resembles a light blissful lunch in good company on a warm summer’s day. 

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