Time Passes Quickly

When I look upon the time right now I realize how quickly it passes. Every thing or item or scheduled appointment has a certain amount of time attached to it. My daily routine is only routine if it’s regular lately it hasn’t been. 

It was day number five in a row. The shift the night before ended at midnight today I got a break and started at nine. Just not quite enough time to properly rest but have to deal with what I’ve got. The schedule has some complicated cases. I performed my first cardiac basically on my own. There are so many sequences and the cases are roughly two hours long. It’s a good thing the lady was a good breather. 

One of the new people started today. She seemed to be alright. She is jumping into a crazy place. It was a long day but because I was busy it passed quickly. It’s nice to know people too as info gets around and one gets to hear about positions opening up. These are directions that I’ll have to ponder and explore.   Just add it to the list. 


Took the train down to Surrey and sat in the front. Got picked up and driven to the folks’ house. Thanks sis! However even though I have to and are obligated to help them get on I feel that my quality of life has suffered somewhat. I need more time. Have to be a bit smarter with it. Have to get through these things that have to be done. 

Like this takes time but at the same time it’s an important idea that having started want to continue. 

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