Workman Sundays

It couldn’t have been a nicer day. Sunshine poured into the city unencumbered by any clouds or particulates. There was just sky and sunshine perfect weather for just loungin’ around and enjoying some time off. At one point I was asked if I wanted to go to a BBQ. I couldn’t do any of that. I was inside a darkened room listening to the sounds of radio frequency noises emanating from the magnet. 

At least I had a chance to escape the night before. I had just enough drinks that did not make me feel groggy or my head feel sore. It was a long day however and that took me away from the lounging that I could have used to make me feel whole. These time constraints that are a feature of the schedule made me long for the simpler nine to five that I had before. 

We worked well together. We joked and laughed and as each case finished we ticked it off knowing that the end was closer. Midnight at some points in the day seemed so far off. Make the best out of any situation is the motto that I use. There is no point in dwelling on the negative so as to not have any resentment. It was a fun day even though it was a long day. 

As I made my way back home to sleep and rest for the next day I took advantage of the empty streets. The sense of emptiness and quiet is evident. On a Sunday night only the vacationing tourists or locals and vagrants wonder the streets. There were a few who like myself finished work for the day and were wandering back to their respective abodes. As I passed some buildings I could sometimes hear those who were enjoying their time talking loudly amongst themselves. There were only a few such places and to me it seemed like they would be annoying their neighbors with their behavior. 

The schedule makes for difficult times for me to get anything done. I keep forgetting to do things and then I’m stuck trying to remember what I had to get done. The logistics become unfavorable to me. There is little time to reflect in order to move forward but I can see the end. I can see what I have to do and I can see how these things will turn out. I can see my future if I continue on along this same path. There isn’t as much time to write. Circumstances force this content to be brief and concise. It is still a stream of consciousness released for a brief period of time. I have to get ready now to leave for work again. 


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