Has it Been Four Weeks Already?

Yes it has! It doesn’t seem that long but maths tell a different story. Logic and arithmetic who could have guessed? I celebrated by working and getting my passport sorted 😐. 

Somehow I find a way to squirrel away some time to reflect. This is a new thing that I’ve done for a while 😯. It is getting a bit more challenging to do. The daily routine is repetitive. I’m trying to see the unique in everyday. Everyday is different after all. 

The importance of getting my skills up to snuff is important. Each day gets better. Soon the fine details will start being filled in. The nuances that are overlooked sometimes. Those nuances that can make a big difference. Learning new things all the time and growing. 

Orienting or “orientating” as its lovingly referred to will end soon. It does give us the freedom to get experience with the complicated stuff as well as just chatting with colleagues. Reality and experiences come into focus better as they are related back and forth. All those fond memories. 

It’s a day off on the day before my birthday. No big celebrations this year. No need as the next one will likely release all that pent up exuberance unless there is a slow leak 😀 or the pressure is maintained. Today about yesterday and tomorrow. 

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