Quiet Before Getting Older

A day to do the little things that never have time to get done. A day to think about things that I keep wondering about. A day to do not much at all. 

It wasn’t one of those days where a lot happens. Sleeping in would have been nice but I can’t do that on a couch for too long. The olde bones wouldn’t mind that but the mind won’t let them. 

I picked up a whole bunch of papers that were sitting there in some office for me to fill out. This is the paperwork that I was missing and should have filled out a while ago. 

I got a chance to write that letter to send to the UK so that I could get another thing sorted out there. It’s an expensive process to send things out there. Especially when it’s registered mail. Loosing that wallet has been a costly experience. Thanks for not returning my wallet when you found it. I hope that Little Cesars meal you bought tasted well. 

There was a bit of time to treat myself and buy some necessities. Something to make myself look better on my special day. I’ll be the center of attention for just a short little while. Might as well look good if all else fails. 

My flatmates made me smile a little. They with their charm and elegance and their crazy lives brought a few moments of laughter into life. I organized my meager possessions in order for them to make more sense when early in the morning I search for things. 

A day off is a day off with the next few days filled with work I’m looking forward to the next one. 

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