July 13th

All of a sudden there is a whole bunch of stuff to do. Finally got through to payroll. If I wanted my cheque I would have to go and pick it up myself all the way in Burnaby. This cheque thing has to be sorted out. Normally they are deposited directly into the account I’ve somehow fallen through the cracks of the system and these forms were never given to me to fill out. I should have been on it but just readjusting took some effort. No worries I went to get it and got the necessary forms. When I deposited the cheque the bank filled them out. 

Burnaby is a bit of a trek. Brentwood Mall’s parking lot is being transformed into a giant development. It makes getting in and out of the station less complicated but more inconvenient. I used to pass through this station lots when I was going to school. This is a “good” location for a “young” professional or student or retiree. There will also be some families. Even though I wouldn’t want to live here this is something that has to be considered. 

From there I had some brunch and went to work. These afternoon shifts are productive somewhat. There is a bit of tiredness as it’s difficult to sleep in. When at work though if I’m scanning it can be alright. Still I did get used to the regularity of a nine to five. What if I didn’t have any more motivation to succeed or ambition to do more? There would be no need to get better, to learn, to experience and try new things. In our times much of this requires time and money. 

Paid my damage deposit. Took a break at an opportune time and walked the seven minutes to where I’ll be living soon. Talked with my new flatmate for a brief time and got the keys. I’ve made another significant step forward in adjusting to living here. Having a space to call my own will be nice. 

I’m waiting at the passport office to get another one. With the ID finally coming in these identity issues can all be sorted. It’s a minor setback that will be turned into a positive. There is still one more issue to solve and then I should be alright. This incident has set me back a little. 

On my walk home I digested much of what happened yesterday. It was a productive day and I’ll need more of those. I’ve got to draw up a list of all the things that have to be done. I’ve got to think about the project that I’ve started and continue to add to on a daily basis. They say follow your bliss. They say a lot of things don’t they. Often we just ignore much of what we hear. Trying to drown out the noise and listen to what is being said inside. I may be starting to babble now I’m just waiting for my number to come up. 

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