An Epiphany That I’ve Known Already

Lazy Sundays are a treat. Free from the daily hustle and commotion they are ripe for insight and in Mondays they are forgotten. Maybe not this time. Maybe if they’re written down I won’t forget why I made certain decisions. 

The whole thing has a huge part in simple economics. If one applies a formula just basic arithmetic the answer becomes clear. The rate at which things happen have a factor in time. Time has a value that increases as each second passes. Money is a resource that fluctuates based on the service and location where it is provided. Regulations and market forces determine the value of these services. Some positions also have a higher value placed on them and this reward certain services with more capital. 

I can be anywhere and find joy in being there. I find quality friendships and those are the ones that count. There is plenty of skill within this skin just waiting for that potential to be released. I’m not looking for a handout but opportunity. 

The above paragraphs summarize as succinctly as possible my ideas about where I am at this present juncture with respect to necessities of living in this society. Survival comes first and the ease with which this happens determines whether or not the higher levels of achievement happen. Those are the levels where other biological imperatives have a chance for fruition as well as making a societal mark on this planet. If I’m homeless and starving I won’t get laid and won’t have a chance to shine. 
I’ve known this. This is something that has been figured out many times already. In many ways this is simple but the execution of plans to attain this wealth and prestige as well as attracting a mate can be difficult at times. I can’t give up. I won’t. In the spirit of positivist language I will continue to strive until my hopes and dreams are realized. 


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