Clearing Land

A range of things goes through the mind as the repetitive motion back and forth cuts a few more inches of grass. Eventually those inches add up to square feet and then to hectares. I probably didn’t get that far but close enough. 

The replacement saw worked like a charm. A few times there it was a bit hard to start but overall it performed as it should. At the beginning of the day had to get some more wore to feed into the attachment so that I could really get going. The increased coverage mulched the stalks. The sheer speed of the rotating wire being enough to power through whatever grass was in the way. It worked in reverse for whatever was denser and stronger. I understand why it was sold in such a large spool. I went through two refills. 

The house needs the TLC. It needs to be sold. There is no one else that can do the work. I need to help my parents out so that they could live out their years in some measure of comfort and peace. These things concern me and if anything I want to show my gratitude to them by helping out. If it was up to them I’d be there more helping out. There seems to be an endless list of tasks that has to be done. 

The brushing took longer than expected. The ditch in front of the house took some time to compleate. I was surprised at the amount of water still there on the bottom. There hasn’t been any rain in a long time. I guess with all the grass over top of it evaporation was gradual enough for some water to remain. 

The journey back to Vancouver took a while. In the back of my mind was getting out but I ended up staying in. Towards the end were my thoughts about getting together with some friends but that time passed. There was a memorial that I missed. What happened to me and missing it? At the time of my answer I had different plans in mind but those never worked out. Now it’s a “what could have been”.  It happens sometimes. Missed opportunities. Those moments that in retrospect seemed like the right thing to do but weren’t done. It may also be my aversion to memorials and how I see in the older generation their conscious understanding that their time is near and how this understanding is percolating down through me and I see that I’m getting closer to them and their thoughts. There is anxiety about progeny and finally living that family life. Twenty years ago this was all in front and now this becomes what happened and how come I haven’t found it yet? A speeding bullet eventually slows down as all the forces sap the energy from its momentum. I’m not there yet but at some point I’ll make an impact. I’ve aimed and hopefully my trajectory remains true and finds that moving target. 

When the body has a task to do and the repetitive motion allows the mind to drift waves of insight wash over the beaches of consciousness. These waves of insight brought with it some ideas about some of my next moves. Some reinforced my motivations for doing what I’m doing. Some ideas came to mind about what to explore next in order to find that elusive satisfaction. I’m hoping that a new place to live will help with some sort of inspired solution. I am living like a vagabond still surfing on a couch with now roof to call my own. By January I’m hoping that some sort of transformation will complete and life will be better than it is now at this present time. Not that I’m complaining. I am kind of enjoying this. I am also fortunate that a lot of things have worked out in my favor. I guess that I just want more.

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