Fridays Don’t Signify The End Of The Week

Last workday of the week. It’s been a long work week and being thrown in to actually work and not just orient has been a good test of where my skills are at. Organizationally I think I’m there but operationally I still need some work. I’ll be placed into a more responsible role moving forward. 

We had some tough cases today and being short staffed doesn’t help either. Hence my call into action. There were a lot of young patients, younger than myself. That encompasses a lot of people now as those are the only ones that are replenishing. 

Not much time for reflection as the work keeps me busy. Got a ride to the folk’s home from my brother who’s in town finishing a job. It was a big surprise as we caught my dad moving something that was a bit too heavy for him. We stepped in and lifted it into place. This was the first time in a long time that we were all together. My sis was here too!

I got to finish up some yard work here that is a bit much for my folks to take care of. I’m being pushed and pulled in all kinds of directions but I have to go in mine. Can’t just abandon but have to make sure they’ll be alright whatever my decision may be. 

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