Still Tethered But Gnawing on the Cord

Imagine yourself trying to fall asleep in a warm room. The fans are going to keep the room cool and the windows are slightly ajar to let some cool air in. Sporadically there is a road rumble from an engine as it rolls down or up the street. The little slope eating away at  the momentum. Then the lights change and the whole machine has to stop and start again. 

Needless to say there weren’t enough winks to refresh the mind for the day. Insomnia plays a little bit with the mind. That lack of sleep extends the dreamy quality throughout the day. Sharpness wasn’t the order of the day. There was a bit of a mistake. Nothing that couldn’t be solved or fixed. Learning from mistakes is a valuable lesson. If you don’t make mistakes you aren’t working enough or hard enough. There is a lot of work. It wasn’t a  critical mistake just a minor gap in focus. Anyways that’s why we work as a team to help each other out. 

I had Chinese food twice today. Once was at lunch time and the other was later on after work with my bro and his friend. He wanted me to meet her. We ate at a place that has a lot of nostalgia to me. A dive with legendary food. Many a Vancouverite  have eaten there. 

After work I went and checked out a place. It’s probably the best I could get under the circumstances. It is also really close to work but more importantly the beach 😎😀👍

But really though it’s the cost and personal freedom that it allows me to have that are the most critical points making my decision. I am close and yet far. 


Tomorrow will be a bit crazier than today. Should get some rest. It’s a cooler night tonight and they say we will get some rain this weekend. Everyone seems to be celebrating that prognosis. There can be too much of a good thing like the sun…  

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