Orientation Time Will Soon End

Breakfast is an important part of the day so it is nice to come into a place that’s inviting and have the Dish. The conversations that ensue are always insightful and fun. It’s good to have people that one can talk to. But today was another one of those days that was filled with conversation.

This daily grind thing will get some getting used to. What I’m doing now are shifts that vary in their duration and start times. Some days are early and some days are late. This is one of those weeks when they start early. This dense smog continues to plague us in this city. This is the sight I have to wake up to but it isn’t all that bad. 

Focus on the job is one of those things that consumes my working day. There are light hearted moments but some require full on attention. It is important to remember the importance of the job itself and the responsibilities that come along with it. Numbers have value as do services and is there a congruence with the way this equates?

As I took the pictures at dusk I talked to some guy driving the little boats back and forth across False Creek. He was British and he loved it here. During our talk he happened to get a family on board and that made his trip to this dock worthwhile. There are varying opinions as to how what people like and what suits them. I’ve got to examine mine. There is so much to that. 


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