Back to the Grind Again

It’s still murky out there. A reflection of what it seems like inside. It obscures the greater picture to focus on what is really important those things in the immediate vicinity. For all those grandiose thoughts there is a curb to climb over or a red light stalling some progress. Temporary setbacks and maybe the rain will find us again. A change in the wind perhaps? 

One can tell a lot about the health of the place by looking at their flowers. A botanical garden should be nice but the flowers by the side of the street in front of a house say a lot. I’ve taken many pictures of flowers all over the place. Maybe when I finally get around to uploading them all or just the ones I thought turned out best. When I look at them closer I find that the pictures still don’t capture exactly what I see. Then again I notice things I never noticed until I took a closer look. 

In some way my ethos is to leave things undisturbed  just like I found them. One never expects that it’s the internal that changes searching for the shot. Perception changes you see things differenty I guess I see it now. I never got a chance to see it earlier in life but I knew it was there. I don’t want to waste time anymore I want to see more. But I would also like to have a base and some stability a place I could call my own. These things seem incompatible but at the same time I need them even though they’re ethereal now and even when real still just that feeling of belonging right then and there. 

It was a long day at work but it seemed to fly by. Interesting cases came through the door. Another young man still hanging on despite the damage done. Then there are the older folks who persist despite all they have done. Then there’s the laughter an camaraderie shared amongst us getting it all done. I feel like somehow I’m here at the right time. For now. 

Tomorrow in another day. One foot in front of the other. One moment at a time. Dreams want to float but somehow still teathered, trying to untie the knot. 

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