Dad’s Birthday

He knew I was going to see him but didn’t know when. I surprised him at church so his reaction was measured. The priest was giving a sermon in English to a Polish congregation. His words were clearly spoken but I couldn’t relate. I was thinking about the place I checked out earlier in the day. 


Ten in the morning doesn’t seem that early until time gets away from you. Must not be suffering if the time passes by so quick. It’s quiet in the morning. The strange cloud hanging over the city are the ashes from the fires burning up north being funneled down to the city. These particulates persist and have changed the ambiance outside. I caught the empty-ish B-Line bus to my destination. I called the number and inquired further as to exactly where the place is. Then I waited as the landlord put the wrong time into his phone to remind him when I’m coming. 
The place is small but comfortable in size. It’s got a bit of furniture inside exactly what I need to get by as I figure things out. There is a place outside where I can barbecue and enough space where I could organize. It is close to work and it’s in a decent neighborhood. I’d be pretty close to the beach. 

I took the train into Surrey and made a brief stop for that one little present that is useful for him to have. The other presents have been bought long in advance on my travels with him in mind. Today was family day as yesterday his friends came over to celebrate. There was praise for mom’s cooking after the mass. 

We had a meal together and then we hung out had a coffee some wine and a beer. We watched as the women’s soccer team got to hoist the trophy up into the air. A moment of triumph on a giant stage with glitter floating in the air. Their celebration was on display but it somehow felt too clinical. The photo ops were there to capture the images that will circulate on and on for the next little bit. What a triumph. 

These times we spend together now are important. We can get to explore the plans that they have in store and most importantly make them happen so that they can have some piece of mind. My parents need to have some time to enjoy a bit of the time they got together. They have done so much for so many. I need to think about myself but I also have to think of others especially them. 

We were all together and maybe some of us in some digital form. Changes are apparent contrast heightened by the way perception now operates. What was then and what is now. As I write I pass by places where things happened some with significance and others trigger a memory of a distant past. 

It is nice to catch up and speak even though nothing much is said. The projects are moving along and growth is happening right in front of our eyes. The sparkle of untouched potential full of hope and promise. Nothing but a joy right now entirely oblivious to his place in generations. 

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