July 4th

Yesterday… So the song begins and points your attention to the events that engulf your immediate time bubble. Some who are skilled can gauge a larger bubble while others have just a little one. When it bursts we burst with it. Its Independence Day somewhere a joyful and pleasant day. A giant bubble. 

Nostalgia sent me searching for a taste of breakfast not found anywhere else. The line up then and there was long. Too long for my grumbling belly. I’ve passed so many others with empty seats. Out of curtesy I finished my phone conversation that took a bit of time. I never got that call back for the place I wanted to look at. But then again things are rolling along I’m starting to reconnect and plans are underway. 

I made a close examination of where I am staying at. I had to rearrange some things. Some minor change to help the eyes be a bit more  relaxed instead of darting around from one pile to the next trying to figure it out. 


I’ve been looking forward to seeing more of my friends. I’ve been friends with Danny Boy since high school. Our lives diverged but our friendship remains. He is still at his old flat. We commented on how many times we have moved in our lives. He and Mel are doing well. Somehow that doesn’t surprise me. It was good to see them. 


We talked about the things that I’ve experienced and about the things that have happened here. Where is everybody? That depends on who you ask about. He got a message and he sensed that it wasn’t good news. 


He turned out to be right. We were having a drink at a local along with a snack. He waited and waited for the text back before finally succumbing to calling. There was a fall out a long time ago with this friend but the worst happened in Austrailia as he visited his brother. 

“I tell ya… I bought this suit for a wedding but I’ve worn it to more funerals than weddings.”


We reminisced and even though I wanted to find out more details about the fall out because it happened so far back I didn’t want to dredge that out. I remember when it happened but I myself was busy with so many other things. Lives changed after that. Many for the better. It took that dissolution to finally make some things get back on track. 

The day went by quickly. There were familiar faces seen on the walk back. I’m planning on my temporary accommodations to accommodate the process. 

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