Count ’em Nine Days of Labour and a Little Fun

Routine is daunting when you’re in the midst of it. The daily grind of marching to the job and marching on the job. What surrounds is what it makes it all worthwhile. My day my sunny sunny day 🎶 filled with songs but songs played on machines for purpose. 

Ailments and restrictions and time spent thinking about it. I’m glad I don’t have some of those and certainly don’t want anything to develop. Entering the brick climate controlled enclosure of my past and present and foreseeable future. Just think of the now he said and I responded that the now needs direction too. I’ve felt lazy but also energized. 

It’s a lot harder now as opposed to when there was a lot of free time to write about the day. Just as many if not more things pass through the mind. Just a few morsels stick out now as it is cemented into prose or poetry or whatever you wish this is. Observations that were shared at the end of the day and throughout as well. Like there seem to be many sleeping rough in the streets. Are there more than before? I don’t know… There crertainly aren’t less. The buildings many of them new seem to have a similar style to each other but with different colors and slightly different shapes to their contours. There are many more that slowly rise out of the holes. 

“Never in a million years did I think I’d be back here working the door.” 

Hard to imagine a more twisted fate one that was echoed a few times over there. Was that Simon Pegg? Yes I believe it was. He interrupted the conversation I was having. He shouldn’t be standing out here get him inside. There was no need to apologize he is so out of place out here that no one realized who he was. He just waltzed right in with his small entourage. 

“How have you been?”

One can summarize the last three years in just a few sentances. There is an art to that. There are many highlights that can be brought up selectively to impress or impart a feeling of how it was. Are they now rose colored glasses or was it just like that or more or less? Is this just reality now hitting me in the face? A calculation has to be made some metrics have to shed some light on the points that will guide the decision that has to be made. I go with the flow but must also have a way to go. 

“The place needed to be completely different.”

They sure did make a change alright. The visit to my old haunt the long neon black corridor that leads onto the dance floor. They gutted the office and made it into a room. The stairs are all different and the bar is now on the other side. The entrance is no longer there any more it’s over there. The name has changed as has most of the staff. The clientele is still looking for a good time will they find it here? 

“What’s changed?”

They want me to list my observations. They feel like so much remained the same. Their lives have evolved and the hustle is still going strong. Relationships have changed some for the better and some have grown apart. We talked about impressions and how they thought I’d be settled down with a wife. The more things change the more they stay the same they say. Maybe I said that paraphrasing something I’ve heard time and time again.

“A shot of Jagger and a rum ‘n’ coke.”

What did I want to drink? That is an easy response. The plastic cups felt cheap to the touch. There is a reason for that when they can be potential projectiles even if they’re just hitting the ground having slipped from some sweaty palm. The sound is unmistakable even in a loud environment like a bar or club. This place has been a drinking establishment for a long long time even before my time and especially those who inhabit it now. I’m the visitor now an alien to this modern culture here in this town. 

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