Seventh Day at Work Last Day in June

There is a pivot somewhere. One foot moves in front of the other and the momentum carries forward. Second guessing will only result in the tangling of limbs and a comedic fall to the ground. Let the momentum carry forward in a coordinated rhythmic motion. 

My face is aligned with the rising sun as it peaks over the mountains in the morning. Any plans or thoughts regarding sleeping in are scoffed at by the rotating wobbling globe. Our world induces this circadian rhythm making us conscious of time and timing. Sometimes I’m ahead but lately I’ve felt behind. There has been resistance from the force. 

Is it the momentum from earlier decisions many years ago or actions in the immediate past that has finally released its force? Or is it the ease with which I’ve rolled into my present role? Or is it just to cryptic to make any sense? What is it? I’m playing the role while adjusting to my return. It doesn’t help to read that it’s thirty something in London and that the Tube is heaving with sweat. It’s a comfortable thirty here and the sun feels nice on the skin. 

One of the scanners was still down today. The part never made it in the morning and it was due to arrive at ten-thirty at night. We are open on the Bank Holiday trying to keep our numbers up. With equipment malfunctions constantly happening lately it’s getting kind of hard. At least I know there is plenty of work to go around. The cases keep being interesting and my skills keep creeping back. This training is going well and I’ve got a few extra shifts scheduled in there somewhere. Mornings off are kind of strange but again I’m trying to be productive with them. 

There is a preoccupation with the immediate future and what I’m going to do and where I’m going to end up while I reflect upon the long term. 

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