Sixth Day at Work Late Shift


Just a few more minutes and soon I’ll be going into work. I’m starting at two in the afternoon which is kind of nice. I had the morning to think about things, work out, and make some phone calls. It turns out that someone has used my cards for a purchase. They tapped the card for a pizza at Little Cesar’s in Duncan. It wasn’t lost on the hill but in town somewhere. I let the cops know as well. This whole ordeal is turning into a headache. My horror-scope was even saying that things didn’t look good. I happens to think of an idea today as well. I’ve been thinking about the kind of life I want to lead moving forward and what would be the best conditions for me to do that in. Am I supposed to re think them based on what some astrologer says to all of us? Hmm… I do still read what they say though even if I don’t necessarily agree with what they say. 

The Shift

Get to work and change into my freshly laundered uniform. It’s a typical day clients getting scanned others are getting prepared for their scans. There is a constant flow of people in and out while at the same time the banter keeps flowing. Workplace banter is a good indication of how well a group of people functions together interpersonally. This time in the afternoon is the beginning of the handover for the people that will be there in the afternoon and into the evening. The more “complicated” cases are getting rolled out and finished and the “easier” cases are starting to roll in. 


There is an error with one of the magnets during a scan. We look at the error to try to gauge the nature of the problem. There is a need to test the error to make sure it is significant enough to warrant professional assistance. Will another sequence work? What happens if we unplug and plug in the coil? Will the reboot change anything? Learning how to solve issues is just as important as knowing what to do when the machine functions. There are consequences when the machine is down. We have to reschedule clients and productivity goes down. The numbers are important for maintaining budgetary levels. There are pressures under which the system has to operate. There is scrutiny of performance that comes down to just one characteristic description expressed by one metric a number. 

The repair men came in and attempted a solution. It didn’t work. They need a part to be shipped in overnight. Hopefully it can be fixed in the morning. Meanwhile the clients scheduled in for the afternoon had to be rescheduled. Some have waited for a long time to get their procedures done. It shouldn’t be this way. Can’t be looking at the issue after it has healed or gotten “better”. There were interesting cases that we scanned late into the night. Each client with their own particular ailment and special needs. All of them attended to with care and compassion. I’m still orienting myself trying to remember all that has to be done as part of my duties. The necessary skills are returning nicely. 

Walking home in an exhausted state lead to a reinvigoration of energy levels. The streets are quiet at such a late hour. The flats in the apartment blocks have their lights turned off as many are getting rest or are away. It’s Canada Day soon and the Bank Holiday spurts many to leave the confines of the city for other locales. I won’t be able to do that this year but I will join in the celebrations here with others who remain behind. 


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