Day Four

This is the second time im writing about my day. The first time was lost trying to upload it. I began my description of today’s occurrences by relaying the steps that I take in getting to work. I’ve been experimenting with fling my time and yet it still takes about a half an hour. This is probably unusual in this part of the world. Most people have a hellish commute. Some not all luckily. 

What did I talk abou next? It may have been about my id. No my ID! I found some of my old backups. It should make tomorrow’s visit to the dreaded government offices a bit more pleasant. I’ve been told that I look at things too negatively. I was just trying to use deadpan humor and sarcasm to liven things up a bit. The ladies were having none of it. I’m presupposing the outcome and that doesn’t allow for my own determinism to influence the situation in a positive direction for all parties involved. Those are the nuggets that I’m cleaning from that conversation. 

The journey to get my ID was probably the next topic that I touched upon lightly. I had to get on he Expo line to Surrey Central. Then got a ride from my sis to the parent’s house. I’ve got my stuff stashed there. I found the stuff quickly and that was a relief. I could get my things sorted tomorrow. Where to go first? Whichever place opens up first I guess. 

The folks were happy to see me. They suggested that I pick some flowers for the ladies that are so kindly hosting me. I don’t know where I could have stayed besides here. This was the first place I inquired about. It’s nice that I got it until I get myself sorted somewhat. 

My sis gave me a ride back. It was a long day for me and it was a long day for her. The  flat dynamics are interesting. I’m couch surfing still…. I do have what I need though especially in the interim. 

I may have said more but I’ve got things to do tomorrow… 😯😐😌💤

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