Day Three Not Just Another Day

It is very easy to fall back into the trap of routine. It feels like when the dj silences the sound and you still hear the beat in your mind. I just stepped right in after modification. A lot of things and people are new. The skyline changed. Evolution they say. Will it be the same if I came back? 

Hit the road with two feet running and go. It’s like spinning a top and releasing it onto a surface and watch as it finds its balance. 

Got my ID today. The other starter in the department is from Saskatchewan but originally from Alberta. We went on a field trip to get it. Had to get a bus all the way from our hospital to the centre where they amalgamated the photo ID department. Had to get our boss to email her as we weren’t on the system. My colleague said I sweet talked her into getting it that day. The email just stated out names and confirmed our employment. She laughed when she read it. I even had time to call the cops and give them my numbers for the record. Identity is an important commodity but it shouldn’t be a commodity. 

Slowly starting to reconnect. But at the same time I’d like to sleep. My clock was reset by travel. I got to get out but I have to stay in too until I get my access back. I also have to step out slowly to build a little momentum. 


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