Day Two Post-Vacation

How long does it take to get back into the swing of things again? How long until I get back up to speed? How quickly am I going to get my id sorted? There are decisions about where I would like to live or where I can live or where I should live. All aspects have different aspects to their answer that have their own set of consequences. With real estate it’s always about location. 

I’m slipping back into the life I used to lead. The streets are the same mostly a few new things here and there. Maybe a lot in me has changed and I see the structures in a different way now. What makes the decisions difficult is having a strong affinity to places. To being drawn to ideas and notions as well as opportunity. One day that day of reckoning will come and I’ll have to live with those consequences. In order to succeed one has to push through obstacles as well as climbing over them and avoiding them altogether. Obstacles come in many forms and some you don’t see coming. 

Performed my first few scans today. It was nice getting back on the magnet. I must not forget what propelled me to get this far. That desire to know and achieve some kind of mastery. There is a need to have a field in which to play and express myself. There is a desire for material wealth for comfort and freedom to explore. 

I still see people who I haven’t seen in a while. Its small talk for now. Why did I come back? I know the answer and a visit is good for now. Maybe the high will just continue. Not chemically induced but life induced. There is a flow that has to move in the direction that I would like it to go. Momentum carries forward bringing with it unintended consequences. 

My old flat has been feminized. There are soft colors and clothes all over the place. The stuff of girls or I should say women is evident all over the place. Don’t forget about the shoes. Uncomfortable but sexy at the same time. Precious balance on a pedestal  that affects posture and all that that gets enhanced because of it. Fun. 

It’s nice to be back at the height of summer. 

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