Day No. 5 Back to Vancouver/Last Day Off

Has my brain been mushed by the long absence from labor? I wonder about this as I reflect on my forgetfulness lately while sitting here on the Skytrain on my way to good ol’ East Van. Had to double back to collect some papers I’d forgotten. I’d forgotten about the spectacularness of this place. The vastness of distance that has to be travelled. The population becomes more concentrated the closer I get to the center of town. 

It’s going to be weird staying at the flat I use to live in. I’m just a temporary guest and I am greatful for that. I have to get a hold of some other friends and see what’s up with them. I have to see some things through and see where else I could rest my head for a while. It’s like I am starting all over again. Damn it’s a nice day out. There is a lot of chatter on the train as I ride in. There is a FIFA women’s game on today. There are many wearing colors in support of Canada’s team. 

…it’s much later in the afternoon now. I went out and checked out my old neighbourhood. Some things have changed and some things are still the same. There are a lot of medicinal marijuana dispensaries everywhere. There are some new restaurants in the hood now. There are some that are no longer there. I wonder what happened to them. 

This is the longest day of the year. A journey through the mind playing in the background. Strange phone calls omens of what’s to come. What is it that’s going to be that makes the decision clear? Should I stay or should I go now? 

There was a summer festival atmosphere on Main Street. Two blocks were blocked off for a street atmosphere. There were plenty of people there. It was a nice welcome of sorts. I forgot that sometimes this happens around here. 

This introspective time was filled with meeting my new flatmate. We chatted it up for a bit and now it’s almost time to get ready for my first day at work tomorrow 😐😎


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