Back to the Mainland Day Four

It was a pleasant experience getting back on the ferry. I had issues posting about my day yesterday and it drained my battery. The spare one is done and now I’ve tapped into my laptop. I forgot to bring my plug for charging my phone. Silly me. 

I keep looking around me a bit bewildered that I am here. It is so nice with the nature all around me. I keep trying not to think about loosing my wallet but it is so important that it keeps coming up. There is one more card to call in about. I need the number that is at the parents place. I have to find what ID I still have left. This isn’t going to be easy. My brother reported it to the police. I’ll have to call them when I finally get to the folk’s house. There is a lot involved with this. I have to call and report my passports missing. 

I’m siting at a coffee shop waiting to be picked up. I am getting picked up by my sis. It’s nice of her to drive all this way. Time is slowly actually quickly floating by and work starts really soon on Monday. There is still so much to do. 

Writing does help with all of this. It helps me clear my mind and shape what will happen. It is also a release for the things that don’t happen the way I’ve wanted them to. It’s the time of the equinox. The days will now begin their descent into shortened days. The heat of the summer is upon us here in BC. There can be worse places to be. This place is spectacular in a lot of ways. Maybe as someone suggested this is kind of a renewal. I’ll have a new series of identification. 

People here are friendly. I forgot how friendly everyone is. There are constant little conversations here and there. It’s also interesting to hear how little conversations develop.  The water passage makes a tourist of us all. Watching the passing landscape is an introspective experience. I could see the city in the distance. It brought back my feelings about it and how it was to live there. It’s so far off now but in just a few days and hours I’ll be back there amidst those structures. 

…Later on I sorted through my possessions. I wondered what I was thinking when I was packing up in London. Just a whole bunch of stuff that in the immediate future will just have to stay here at my folks’ place. I’ll still be living out of a suitcase for the next little while. My minimalism won’t end anytime soon. 

Tried to finish the backyard but the saw wouldn’t start. I played with it for a while but it just wouldn’t turn over. I just gave up and started sorting out my things. The frustration kind of washed through and for my own sanity I decided to stop. I’ve got to get myself sorted out with a lot more than just a flat I’ve got to get my whole life in order and quickly too. Let’s see how it goes. 

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