That Day in Duncan Day Three

I’m waiting at the ferry terminal to go back to the mainland. I just missed it. This is what happened yesterday. For all intensive purposes it was a good day but I can’t sit here a bit bewildered at the twisted things that happen in life. 

When you don’t see someone for a while and you are finally I the same room what do you begin to talk about? We talked about a lot of different things. I can’t remember the last time we got to do that. My brother has changed a bit. Maybe fatherhood had something to do with it. It was nice seeing the little one and his mom and her mom too. 


There were a few stories to share about how travel was. Listening to what has changed and how. The use of the penny has been discontinued and the money is plastic now. Well some kind of polymer anyway. 


In the morning we went to Kinsol Trestle. We had the little bundle of joy with us. His eyes moved around the scenery as we strolled to this place. It represents the history of this place when hard graft was valuable and the construction of this bridge for the locomotive symbolizes the ingenuity of those times. It was nice out with a comfortable temperature and a nice gradient. This trestle is part of the Cross Canada Trail. 

We dropped off the little pumpkin to be with his mom as we returned to the house so I could change. I put my travel wallet into the shorts and thought about taking it. We went to Tzouhalem Hill or mountain. It is a high point that overlooks the city of Duncan. It was a great view. The Eagles soared in the updraft gracefully winding their way upwards. Different vistas than what exists elsewhere. It was a mystical experience of sorts. 

Climbing down was way easier although not without peril. We needed to go to the center and hang out with everyone at the end of their day. The little one is hardly without attention and deservedly so. He is so well mannered and curious to the world around him. 


Getting from one place to another is a process that involves packing and unpacking. Getting in and out of the vehicle all the while weary of the child’s temperament. They know how they feel about the situation and they let you know. The needs and wants are few but somehow they take over your priorities and focus the intellect on the greater picture. He’s just so darn cute. 

We went to get some food and after ordering I discover that my wallet is gone. Maybe it is back at their place? Nope. At the center? Nope. Maybe I dropped it on the hike? We went up the terrain in the dark now. We had flashlights and headlamps and we scampered in the dark along the path we took just a few hours in. I analyzed the time we spent since I knew I had it last. I questioned my decision to take it with me. I wondered when it could have been that it fell out. How could I have missed it going missing? I’ve been so careful and I let my guard down for a second…

What can I do? What do I need to do? I called long distance to the UK and the ineptitude was monumental. I needed to change my address. I’m going to have to call them again and get it sorted. Cancelled some of my other cards too. There is one remaining. I have to get new travel documents and drivers licsence. That hurts because it’s the complicated identification issue. Damn it! I have to let some anger out but truthfully the hikes burnt some of that energy away. I’m left with what I have to do. 


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