Day Two Abbotsford to Duncan


I’m on the Ferry on my way to Vancouver Island to visit with my brother and his wife. I’ll be meeting my little nephew for the very first time. I only know him through the screen having watched him grow over the last six months. 

There was a problem at the house. The septic system is a little bit plugged up and I started off the day by digging up the dirt that covers the cover. Had to do this quickly as I wanted to catch the 1015 ferry and pick up my shipment along the way. 

My stuff was cleared to be released by customs and I was saving money for storage by picking it up. My li’l sis drove me to both locations. It was neat meeting someone who I’ve conversed with over the Internet through email only. One often wonders about the fingers that tapped the messages out and who they’re attached to. 

I’ve been trying to send out a message to my brother to no avail. The phone seems to be connected to a network but no messages are able to get out. I received his message to me but was unable to respond. I feel like it might be some kind of a settings issue. I’ll sort it out on he other side. 

For now I’ll just relax and enjoy the view. It’s a good day for a ferry ride the weather is great. A few clouds in the sky about twenty degrees with sunshine everywhere else. There are tourists out and the journey seems to bring out the tourist in everyone. 


Got the phone issue sorted. The problem was that I didn’t have any extra credit on my account. It costs extra to borrow usage from another network. I didn’t have any credit on my account. “Since you are a new customer and weren’t aware of this I will credit your account ten dollars.” This will allow me to call and send texts as well as accessing some data. I have quite a bit of fast data available to me when I’m on the network. My brother knows now that he has to pick me up. The weather has become a bit chillier since we have come closer to the island. The clouds have become more prominent as well shielding us from the sun up above. 


Picking up some mince meat for the little feast we are going to have later on today. Dinners omens fast approaching and with many mouths to feed it is time to get the ball rollingbon that. The rain has started to fall and I’ve been told that it has been really dry lately. That’s unusual. 

I met my little nephew. What a cute little kid. I think he kind of recognized me. Hard to tell though. He poked around my face a little and smiled at me. Happy little guy. 


Taking a nap. 


Woke up and ate. 


We are all engaged with our devices. I’m picking up on things I’ve missed and maybe jet lag still has an effect on me. What more can we talk about today? It’s relaxing to be here and sometimes the distractions are necessary to bring out some thoughts. 

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