First Day Back

A new era begins and I’ve hit the road runnin’ in order to complete all the necessary tasks while I still have the time. I had to go to customs in order to get my stuff released. Hung out with my folks for a little bit and then mowed the lawn or should I say jungle that has grown in their backyard. Oh and I went and got me a new phone number. Yay no more mooching for a wifi signal. 

The drive into town wasn’t bad. I’m not allowed to drive yet on my own so dad drove. We got to talk about things as we drive to the border security people. I have to get a stamp in order for my things to get released from the storage facility. I couldn’t remember how many bottles I sent back here. I was looking for a hefty-ish bill. He kind of let it go. It was all stuff that I wanted to bring back. I was worried about my print being the sticking point. It’s value is at the exemption point. 

Got that stuff sorted and set up an appointment to pick up the stuff tomorrow saving myself cash for the storage mooching wifi from my most frequently visited branded coffee shop. One piece of good news after another. We drove back and then headed out again I had to help him out with something. 

I found myself in the mall after comparing plans to get a new sim. I have a pay as you go plan from Wind. It’s a new player in the mobile market. Let’s give them a chance since the big three haven’t been nice to me whatsoever. My last encounter with them was infuriating. I vowed never again will I go through with something like that. 

Helped out dad for a while and then drove back to the house. That’s when I got ready and mowed the lawn with the brush saw I ended up with from my time working in the silviculture industry. It brought back memories and got to listen to some mixes I’ve got saved on my phone like this one.

When the can of gas was finished it was dark and at least I put in an especially large dent in the section. I was hoping to have it finished but there is only so much that could be done.  The grass was thick and tall and sometimes it wrapped around the blade preventing the rotations to increase to an optimal level. I have to work of tuning it better and sharpening he blade. There is still plenty left to do. I’ve got to help them out with this. They have aged a bit and I want them to enjoy these years now. I don’t mind helping them out. 

I’ve uncoupled each posting ending up on FB but I feel like I should continue writing u tip at least things settle down a bit. I still have things to say😊.

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