Eighty-Six The Journey To Vancouver from Tokyo

1155/1955 on Monday

Since I stayed in the hotel for so long they gave me a coupon allowing me to extend my stay for an hour. So instead of having to check out at 1100 I could stay a bit longer. I slept in restlessly for as long as I could tossing around. Went out for some breakfast and posted some things on Instagram to help pass the time. I packed my final pieces after getting cleaned up and sat there for a while talking with my brother getting my pick up sorted out. My plane leaves at five thirty so it gives me plenty of time to get there on time. I’m sitting at a coffee shop outside the station gathering my thoughts before I get on to start my journey there.  

Being a tourist here is fine but I see the appeal of living here. To truly get into the culture here and become part of the fabric. A different colored thread that adds a bit of spice to the otherwise monotone white that everybody seems to like. I’m not saying that I’m going to move here but maybe in another life I would have. The soft contemplative music that’s playing in the background reverberates in my interior cave. My spirit animal slowly snores away ready to awaken on the other side of the ocean a predator on the prowl after a long hibernation. A child of the world now ready to take my first steps out of adolescence and into the adult world again. Things will be fun for a while before they settle and become somewhat serious again. The door is opened to show you what’s inside if you cared to look I’d invite you in to sit down. Cryptic words meant for one but the invitation’s been lost in the business of the world and I’m forced to move on. It’s not quite a clean slate as the chalkboard has been etched with the scars of experience that get carried along. Only the blanket that comes from a fresh face will coat it all to make way for a new domain for true expression of love. I’ve been reading a lot lately about letting go and making my dreams come true. It’s never too late for success it’s never too late to start anew. With the road ahead a wide highway of opportunity that I’ll have to take advantage of using all the skills and knowledge acquired through the years. 

1523/1955 in Vancouver 

Checked my bags in and have my boarding pass. Mercifully when I was checking in my bag I got switched to the emergency seat by the window. I had the middle seat before. The check in procedure was an unnecessarily complicated one with a check in electronically first and then another line for the check in for baggage drop off. It’s done now though. I got myself a cup of coffee and am relaxing in the lounge debating when I should go through the passport procedure. It’s a dreaded process for me. I think that I’ll just drink this coffee and go in. The flight doesn’t leave for another couple of hours anyway. There will be some more time to express what I have going through my brain. It’s not that there is too much strain inside. I have just a few things that will bother me for the next little while and that is money and finding a place to live. What will it be like being back doesn’t bother me as much as I know what to expect kind of. 

At this moment in time as I sit here and wonder about life I don’t have anything nagging me or any strain that would keep me up at night. I know that I’ve conducted myself in the best way I know how throughout my life and that some decisions are not up to me but lie with those that have made them and no matter how hard I try to convince them otherwise they have to go the way they feel. I have made the same decisions with respect to others and I hope that I haven’t hurt them too much with how I felt I should proceed. This internal compass is leading me some place and to someone and I’m hopeful that it will all fall into place. Maybe hope is not the right word to describe it but it becomes more of a belief that I’ve convinced myself will happen so it becomes a destiny somewhere out there in a future time and place. For some his happens early while others have to wait and search with crazy adventures along the way. Just have to be able to look myself in the mirror and know that there is some integrity there. The greatest strength one can have is character to get them to where they need to go. 

People travel with so much luggage these days. I just had one piece and it seemed like a lot until I saw the multiple giant bags others had with them going to wherever they go. Some do travel light with only a carry on. The next time I go someplace will be my challenge to travel that light. I’ve done it before for short excursions between European destinations. It just depends on how carefully one picks out their wardrobe and the materials within. I will probably go and pass through passport check so that I can prouse the duty free. 


High above the ocean flying high. This seat is kind of a weird one but it has lots of leg room. It’s a Boeing 787-8 plane that I’m flying on. It’s one of the newer ones. I have an older couple sitting right beside me. The plane had some annoying whizzing sounds when we were getting ready to take off but now that we are up in the air it’s a lot quieter. I almost dozed off as we were getting ready to take off. I thought about some of the things I said earlier and I hope it’s easy to understand. Circumstances conspired to make things the way they were and are. We fenced and pierced each other’s hearts. At least you took the chance. Above all else there is something to compare between those who have and those who haven’t and those who seemed to care. Maybe I’m saying too much about this but my mind is in the air literally and I just wanted to clarify cryptically. I appreciated all those times we had together whatever the outcome. 


Just finished watching a movie and tried to fall asleep. No chance of that now for some reason I’m awake. Maybe I shouldn’t of have slept in so late or maybe I should have done some more physical activity. Maybe it’s emotions in anticipation of returning home. Maybe the move that I’ve just seen made me think about truth and justice and how those in power sometimes escape unharmed. It was a movie called “shoot the messenger” and it was based on the true story of Gary Webb. I heard about him and others as well and the movie omitted some things but thematically it was all there. Sad that so much sacrifice has to be made yet it seems it made no difference and those up top remained in place. Conspiracies as far fetched so as not to be believed. 


It’s getting close to the time when it’ll be Wednesday in Tokyo but still Tuesday in Vancouver. We have crossed the international date line a while ago. I was enthralled with watching another movie. Jupiter Rising this time. Something mindless and pretty with a deep message of love and perseverance. A fairy tale of sorts for the modern age where one person can overcome the multitudes and triumph against all odds. Writing about this it is in stark contrast to the reality of the first movie I watched. 

0111 Wednesday/0911 Tuesday

About an hour left and not much sleep last night. Finished watching Ex Machina and it kind of was thought provoking in tune with my recent thoughts about AI and singularity. It was quite compelling although I felt uncomfortable watching it towards the end as she put in new skin and made herself feminine. The old man beside me and the people watching behind me… it just felt a bit too much. Good movie though. We are traveling at a 1000 km/h! There is less than an hour left!!! 

1119 Vancouver Time

Landed and got through customs alright. Flying over Vancouver Island with the peaks peaking above the clouds made me remember what I missed about living here. The mountains in the background but seen from above all the logging blocks where the trees have been cut down. I called my sis who will pick me up a bit closer to the family home. I’ll have a coffee first and collect my thoughts before moving along. 


It’s a gorgeous day out here on the west coast. I took the Canada Line and then the Expo Line all the way to King George station in Surrey. I got a chance to check out the changes and a lot that has stayed the same since the time that I left. 


Catching up with the folks and the test of the family. It’s been a long day. This Tursday will be forty hours long if I count the time shift. I was airborne when I left Tokyo on Tuesday. The weather is much better. I’m trying to stay awake as long as possible to reset my internal clock. 


I’m still up and it’s still light out. My lil sis and I went to visit an old friend of mine and we shared a few laughs and swapped some stories. His wife might be a little mad cause we talked for so long. I missed the comaradery we had in our extended group of guys. I have to visit a lot more of them in the coming days and months. 

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