48 BKK to HK


Just getting some last moments of polluted air outside in the humid heat of the morning. I was up way too early but got a lot of things done like packing, excercise and talking to friends and family. The 7-11 got me stocked with fluids for the morning convenience can never be underestimated. Half cut customers stumbled through the isles as I chose my liquids. They’ll cook a frozen dinner with microwaves if you so choose. I needed to replenish some of my minerals that I’ve sweated away so I chose the bottle that looked like it contained what I needed. An energy drink, some water and of course a yogurt drink. That kept me going until I got to the airport and got myself a properish breakfast and a coffee to get me going for a while. I should pass through passport control soon as the line up is going to be long based on the amount of people queuing. 


That did take a long time. It didn’t help that I chose the line with the slowest immigration guard who took his time processing each and every single person that came up to his window. It was a little unnerving even though I had absolutely nothing to worry about. That woman in the other line gave me a glance as she sauntered to the guard. I was mesmerized for a little bit and it took my mind off the wait. Back to business as I found my gate in the cavernous space that is this airport. So many gates so much time to get to the boarding gate. Got the remaining Baht changed into Hong Kong Dollars. Colorful looking notes I must say. I’m enjoying my coffee and will take my time getting to the gate no board. I really don’t feel like sitting on the plane waiting for everyone else to board. I’ll sit in this lounge for another and make my way to it. 

2027 HK/BKK 1927

Sitting at one of those restaurants with a glass top to protect the table from spills. It’s one of those restaurants that me and my friends used to go to back in the day in Vancouver. 

0851 Next Day

I’m having complimentary breakfast at my hotel. It was a later night than I expected. After having dinner at that restaurant I started to walk along the streets. My hotel in in Hong Kong Island. It’s where all the tall buildings are. I figured that I have to at least get one night shot of them tonight. The food at the restaurant that I ate at was delicious by the way. It did bring back memories of Vancouver. I had deep fried shrimp and spinach dumplings with sweet chilli sauce and a satay beef brisket with noodle soup and a lemon and honey iced tea. What I love about Chinese food at places like this is that I know it’s freshly cooked and that it is fast. 

I walked down Des Voeux Rd Central. It’s a high street filled with the usual assortment of luxury brand stores drawing attention to themselves with their bright displays. What caught my attention are the double decker streetcars they had rolling down the street. These are a historic icon of Hong Kong that I have never seen before. They are tall and narrow and look as if they could topple. The double decker buses that I am familiar with don’t contrast too much as all these coordinate to move the masses through this part of the city. 


I’m having a coffee at my favorite coffee chain. I only have thirty minutes of wifi. I’ll upload some of the images that I want to and post. 

The ferry to the other side didn’t take long. I got there just in time to board each time I went to get it. The view is spectacular. Each building has their little sign shining some message or name. Other buildings have lights that move and highlight their contours. The HCBC building is just a giant LCD screen that continuously flashes a pattern and a prompt asking if you’d like to become part of it. 

As I made my way from the ferry towards the hotel I noticed a crowd of revelers up the hill. I had unknowingly stumbled upon the entertainment district. Lucky for me too as I was jonesing for a pint. I walked up the hill surveying the environment and decided to get one at one of the bars called the Keg. It’s not the Keg I’m familiar with but it did have a “Canadian” sign on it from the brewing company. I got to talking to a guy standing there and soon his height and his beard attracted the attention of some American bird who took a liking to him. She had a friend who was trying to make herself pretty for some dude she wanted to impress. The first one Vicky was trying to tell us a story but somewhere along the way she lost us in the convolutions the narrative was taking.  

There were a lot of people in that area. Me and David talked about work and travel. He was interested in my connections in Poland as he is planning on moving there to set up a business. He’s an entrepreneur and has some ideas. He might contact me at some point. 


It was a long day and we both decided to leave the establishment on our separate ways. He was going to Thailand tomorrow or today now. I needed some sleep. I couldn’t get any on the plane as I sat next to a Polish bloke who was living in Oslo. We were and are both expats living in foreign lands. He has rheumatism and travels to warm climates to get relief. Interesting conversation we had. We were both sure that no one on the plane could understand what we were talking about 😉😀. 

I’m liking Hong Kong and I can see and feel the attraction people have to this city. It is worn and used but fairly clean and civil. I have five minutes left before I get kicked off the network until tomorrow…. I should do stuff. 

2 thoughts on “48 BKK to HK

  1. Czesc Piotr , to ja jestem tym polskim facetem ktory mial przyjemnosc z Toba rozmawiac w drodze z Bangkok do Hong Kong. Postanowilem uruchomic stare konto na Facebook Peter Tarantula from Radom lives in Lørenskog. Wlasnie wyslalem link Twego bloga na moje nieuzywane konto. Nie zdazylem przeczytac calego Twojego bloga ale zdjecia sa genialne.
    Wlasnie juz jestem w zimnej Norwegii 6 stopni i deszcz. Znajdz mnie na Facebook.

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