Thai Fight Samui on Day 41

The day started in Surat Thani as I got up and scrambled to find a way to get to the ferry. I purchased a ticket to get me to Samui but didn’t buy a way of getting there. The ferry was leaving at eight and it takes about an hour to get there. I was up really early so that I could find a way. The staff in the front directed me to the area where I could find my ride. 

I’m writing this sitting at the Islander bar in Samui waiting for the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight to come on. People are slowly coming in some still half cut from yesterday it is eight am in the morning. 

I had to explain that I didn’t need a ferry just a ride to the right dock. I found my ride but had to scramble to check out as it was leaving in fifteen minutes. There is a reason I don’t like the yuk tuk drivers. I paid a steep price in Bhats to get me to the hotel and back to the pick up spot. No matter I was on my way to the terminal. Once there I had to forward my email to the ladies to show that I had purchased my ticket. With everything sorted I had time to relax and wait for the ferry. Had a good chat with my bro sitting outside on the patio by the coffee shop. It was a hot sunny day and my bro commented on the scenery behind me and I on the daylight behind him. 

The ferry ride was perfect for a nap. I sat outside in the shade on the deck. The breeze was cool off the water and I decided to lay down and sleep. I drifted in and out of consciousness as the landscape slowly passed by. The Koh Samui was slowly growing larger as the ferry approached it. I was going to land at a different pier Bangrak that is closer to Chaweng Beach. I had to meet up with Hiro and his friends at 1430 so that we could make it to the fights. When I got to the hotel my room wasn’t ready and it was 1400. I told the ladies to let me shower and change my two day old clothes. They would have all the time in the world afterwards. 

We had a few beers before going to the event. The doors were opening at 1500 and as we discovered they were first come first serve. We found the spot we wanted to sit in and waited until we could sit there. There was an order to how they filled the seats. There was time before the fights started and the sun caused perspiration to swell to the surface of the skin. We were all suffering but enjoying the atmosphere. “Thai Fight” is a brand of kickboxing fights where top Thai fighters fight with fighters from outside of Thailand. On this card there were fighters from Canada, France, Brazil and Russia. 

The fights were fought with no gloves but the traditional ropes taped over the knuckles. Kicks, knees, elbows and punches are all allowed making these fights especially brutal. These fights were scheduled for three rounds and are kind of an exhibition that are broadcast all over Thailand and beyond. The venue changes but the brand lives on. It’s kind of like UFC moving around. 

The first fight featured a Canadian. He survived the three rounds losing to a great Thai fighter and in retrospect this was a great accomplishment. There were many fights on the card and many of them finished in knockouts. An especially brutal knock out was this one. It was an illegal kick when the fighter was tripped going down. Pinto the fighter speaks fluent Thai and hails from France. He is a superstar here in Thailand along with his brother. I hope he recovers. The atmosphere was awesome and everyone there was enjoying it.  

After the fights we went back to the Islander to hydrate ourselves with beer. We all felt much better after drinking and eating. It wasn’t a late night since in the morning we are back for more fights this time from Las Vegas. 

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