Forty-Two Pacquiao vs. Mayweather

One of these had to happen. Picture this it’s pecisely 1720 in the afternoon. We watched “the fight of the century” earlier today. What happens when you get a bunch of dedicated fight fans together on a Sunday morning quite early in the morning? Thanks spellcheck. That’s what happens. It takes a little bit more effort to continue writing one sentence after another. 

The guys I walked by in the morning thought I was stumbling back to the hotel room after a long night. They mentioned something to that effect when j refused their services as I was walking to the Islander in the morning. There was no one on the road  they early in the morning. Coverage started at about eight am in the morning. I wanted us to have a good location to watch the fights from. I was shown yesterday which table to get.  

Over the course of the morning the whole place filled up.  I reserved the spot for a bunch of regulars. There are two tables put together right in the middle of all the tvs. As each person arrived they had their own time for breakfast. The beer started to flow quite early in the card. There were delays and lively discussion about who you want to win and who you thought was going to win. The hypensurroundingnthenfughrnseemednsurreaal after a couple of rotations. The place became electrified with anticipation. 

I am sure many of you watched the fight yourself so I won’t go into the highs and lows of the bout. I found it close to call. My seat mates had it by a wide margin to Maywather. The thing is I thought was entertaining enough to live up to the hype. Pacquiao should retire on a high. He didn’t “loose”.  It’s the right time. He can do a lot more in politics. The whole production was pretty slick. 

We went to the only place that we thought was reasable, the beach. Those waterproof bags are really good at holding ice and other important consumables. Soon enough we had to start getting served by the waiters. We made it to my hotel after a coupe of pit stops. It was a fun journey. The gruff accent proved to be a douce of charichature. 

“Hey! I held the title on the middleweight division”. 

“I took all those girls from the “Galaxy”. 

Amongst other paraphrases that flowed through all of our mouths. We had fun once we discovered the pool at the “Beachcomber” Hotel that I’m staying at.  Good deal for the value. The beach is nice. Not perfect but chill and on a Sunday afternoon it is precisely what was needed. 

The mission wasn’t make it back to the Ark Bar.  Its central to where we met for the fight and it’s one of the best places on Chaweng Beach. Getting in the water is refreshing even though it feels so warm. It’s prett clear water even when you can barely touch the bottom. The sand felt warm between the toes as I moved it with my toes. That soothing sensation of the toes having sand filter through them towards the earth. Some of those silicone crystals are still stuck to my feet. The line representing the dearth of the water as I walked along the shore towards the hotel. The culmination of the sun and heavy drinking induced an ounce of reason to today’s activities. The sun is setting on the distance drawing another day towards its conclusion. I’m going to Cambodia tomorrow. 
Flying to Siem Reap from Surat Thaniby way of Bangkok. The beach had a relaxed atmosphere on us. I hope everyone makes it back alright. I just had to walk along the beach and make it to the floating playcastes. The line wasn’t straight along the shore making it easier to follow. The wash I did in the morning is dry. I’ll pack it up after my nap. The first stop will be a shop for a snack. It was a really good day today. Rough life out here in Samui. LoL 😀

I figured that I should eat something. It’s the sensible thing to do. I walked down he strip and found a sushi restaurant and they happen to have all you can eat. I get a discount if I eat everything. It’s a tough choice for me 😏.

The marching band came rolling through. Good formation for the most part. The sushi is not that bad either. I’m just going to relax for the rest of the night and get up early to pack. 

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