Forty Days Halfway to Samui in Surat Thani

It was probably one of the nicest sunsets I’ve seen in a while sitting there on the plane 35000 feet up in the sky. It was a marvel of color that not only I appreciated but my seat mates did too. The reprieve from the heat in an air conditioned space made me think of the romantic notions of train travel I had before even setting off on this journey. Traveling by plane is quite cheap though in this country and since my time is limited I’m taking advantage of it. I recall being stuck in a cramped minibus and the long night in India getting dropped off in the middle of nowhere. 

Plane travel has a certain cache to it. The thrill of taking off and landing is still there even though I sometimes sleep through it like today. My eyelids just wouldn’t stay open as I sat there in the seat. A short nap is all I needed and then I saw the sunset off in the distance with the myriad of color that comes with it. The cloud formations reminded me of the city in the sky in Star Wats as the Millennium Falcon approached. 

The day wasn’t filled with me running around or walking too far but it was spent in the shade of a parasol planning out the next weeks travel and lodging. I found some deals and now I can relax and enjoy what comes next. A few days here a few days there then back to Bangkok to see the sights that I missed out on this time. 

I’m quite enjoying Thailand. The people are very nice and everything seems easy and thought out. I walked to the station in the heat but I wanted the excercise. After getting off the plane I got on a bus that took me close to my hotel. The prices have been quite reasonable. The meal in the airport was delicious. It was a Japanese bowl and sushi combo. It hit the spot at just the right time. Maybe that’s why I was sleepy on the plane. The blood rushed from my head to the stomach and made me feel tired. That’s all up to debate maybe the heat had something to say about it too. 

I’m in Surat Thani now had to stay here overnight as the regular ferries don’t run at night. Surprisingly though there are ferries that run from the center of town. I went to a night market that I saw from the bus that I took from the airport. It was a bit of a walk to make it there but as some know I do like to walk. You see some sights that can’t be seen from a car or any faster mode of transport. 

The temperature is much cooler at night and the town is kind of alive. There are numerous vendors arranged along the road. I ate a quarter of a watermelon and a couple of kebabs that were quite tasty. I know I should be eating Thai food but something about the stand made my mouth water for the taste. I was checking out the guys sitting in front of the boat. I asked them for a picture after I ate. I told them I admired their job and the lifestyle it brought. 

The kebab guy was quite friendly too. I asked him for a picture and he said it won’t be good all the meat from the skewer is gone. I said that it means that it’s tasty and he shouldn’t be sad about that fact. I gotta catch that ferry to make it in time for the fights. It won’t be too bad I’ve got the travel sketched out. 

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