Day Eighteen in Goa


 This place has had a narcotic effect on me. If I needed to sleep I slept, if I needed to go I went. I knew at the beginning that I should go to a place like this and relax for a bit after the initial journey here. I’m liking the idea of having a driver more and more in the upcoming days. The people here are nice though. It’s low tourist season presently it seems. The streets have the odd tourist standing out amongst the crowd. This place is popular with Russians as it is the other language besides English displayed on the signage. I keep getting asked if I need a taxi. They gesture with their arms in a steering motion as I pass by. It was a relaxing day strolling around precisely what I needed.  


In the morning I went out for a stroll on the beach. I kind of saw the sunrise. A haze lay over the trees obscuring the moment that the sun pierced the horizon announcing its arrival. That glorious moment each morning when the day begins anew again. Most of the time I’m hurring along trying to get to work. There are two periods of the year when the sunrise and sunset coincide with my cycle. It can only be appreciated if the view is decent.  


My complementary breakfast is only served between a certain time. I wanted to be sure to catch it and I had plenty of time for that. This may be the first time that what lies ahead is starting to sink in. I wanted to explore another part of this city so I went to Caranzalem Beach after breakfast. I didn’t expect it to be that deserted. But it gave me time to contemplate what is coming up. During the course of my journey I felt the blister develop and later disintegrate causing a little distress. I continued on undaunted though. The beach was long. I found an interesting path through the trees that cradle the coastline. The trees provided a welcome shade from the hot sun. I wanted to make it to a point on the map that could offer a potentially great spot for a photo. Unfortunately the gates prevented my further progress.  


I’ve learned my lessons and negotiate with everyone I encounter especially the cabbies. The first guy told me a fair price the second wanted more for a shorter trip. I’m learning though šŸ˜€. 


I ended up covering quite the distance today. I saw them working on the main road and checked out the scaffolding around the buildings. The organic feel of the scaffolding coupled with the straight edges offered an interesting contrast.   


I just finished off a great Tandoori Chicken. It was really tasty and I gave a big thumbs up to the cook working over the grill in this swealtering heat even though it’s after dark. All I really wanted to do today is watch the sunset. I got there with plenty of time to spare. I was testing out the tripod that I got in Istanbul for the first time. Putting all the gear together and setting it up attracted some attention. What I captured is not a sunset but a spirit of what living here is like. The sunset game of football played amongst some friends. The stereotypical gesturing when a foul has been committed and the inability of one side to score despite repeated attempts. Families with their children relaxing on the beach. The beach has a pull to it an attraction that I’m finding wherever I go.  


It may be a ghost town for tourists but it has suited me just fine at this juncture in time. I didn’t find that vista that inspired me to come here but I found something else a chance to breathe and relax which is what vacations are for. Often there are only a few weeks here and there but I have a lot more time than that. I’m going to capture that magical sunset somewhere. Maybe it wasn’t today but there are a few months left in order to capture that. 


It was my sisters birthday yesterday and I tried to contact her but couldn’t get through. The hotel has crappy wifi. It is the only bad thing about them but everything else has been superb. Tomorrow is another travel day and let’s see what this next ten days has in store. I fly to Jaipur from here transferring in Mumbai. It’s a short layover and I hope my bag gets transferred properly. I’ll make sure to be packed for this eventuality this time. Regardless of that unknown eventuality I am enjoying my time here in India. 

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