Goa April Eighth Twenty Fifteen


There was an instant sense of ease upon getting here. It was four in the morning and the hot air felt cool in the morning night. I tried to update my blog but it was going nowhere. I still felt pumped from the journey and needed to wind down before napping. The update was going nowhere and it proved to be a fruitless task. It’s a really nice hotel. It may be a bit dated but it has all the amenities I need. It’s close to the beach and there is a high street filled with everything I need.  

After napping and switching rooms for one that is higher I went out. I had breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant. A couple of ladies walked in and sat close to me at the empty restaurant. I kept thinking of a way in to start a conversation with them. I tried to order orange juice earlier and was told that they only had watermelon and pineapple juice. I chose the watermelon. When one of the ladies tried to order orange juice she was informed of the same sad news. I piped in that the watermelon juice wasn’t too bad.  They were both English teachers from Ireland teaching in Abu Dhabi. They were on their Easter Break and were flying back in a couple of hours.  

I decided to take a walk around my immediate area. I quickly got handed a flyer for the local nightclub and was asked numerously for a taxi ride. It is a nice quaint town with many abandoned buildings slowly being taken over by nature.  


There aren’t many tourists here. The restaurant that I’m sitting at right now is empty as are the streets.  

 I feel like resting and relaxing anyways. This place has that feel to it. Everyone who is here is transfixed by the cricket that is playing on the screens. Some of the shopkeepers are really quite desperate for business. I was walking by this one clothes shop and the girls ran up to me to make a conversation. They asked me my name and shook my hand and wouldn’t let go. I was quickly surrounded by the other women. They pleaded with me to come in and at least have a look. “This shirt would look nice on you beautiful pattern.” As I tried to leave the girl grabbed my forearm again and insisted I buy something but I politely declined and kept walking on.  

I’m really enjoy this quiet time. I have a few things to look up and take care of in preparation for upcoming events. Regardless I’m having fun.  

The lush environment is a pleasure to experience. I don’t even mind that there are only a few tourists here. I’m going to have a relaxing time here.  

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