What’s Left Behind

outside the toyal academy of arts

A lot of sadness in the eyes and faces of my friends. The British have a tradition of stoicism in the face of such encounters but I can’t help but be affected. We shared good times and made good memories together. There were the last minute jokes and the a great meal in a really fun restaurant followed by a pub with a live band belting out classic tunes. Made for a lively and appropriate conclusion to my stay here. We spoke of the future and what will be. We spoke of what has happened recently catching up with all the changes in our lives. How our lives evolve in an ever increasing complex web of interactions. We shared a few tender moments when a glossy sheen welled up in our eyes as it’s not easy to part out ways.  Hugs and emotions coursing through our veins. It’s not like the detritus that will be left to recycle or throw away. The things that we need and want are cherished and kept close to the heart. 

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