Last Night

Before you know it the time remaining is counted in hours and not days. Just enough time to get some sleep before heading out to the airport to fly away. It is a quieter time now just the thoughts of what has to be done. There are always things left to do. Puttering around all day long knowing that it will have to be done again and again. Thoughts of what will come are still not sinking in. It is too late to change my mind and why should I want to. In conversation earlier today warnings to be careful surfaced. Rightly so as a recognize able and noticeable foreigner in an exotic land. But before I go there area few more goodbyes that I have to say. To the families that I’ve grown to know and love in my homeland, the land of my origin. As always I am happy to see them and learn of how they changed how they grew and talk about what may be. 

Much passes through the mind as the last few days have shown me so much. I’ll miss being here… The question of my return will keep hanging in the air as the future unfolds.

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