Day One


osprey farpoint 70

This is what I’ll carry on my journey through Asia. Today is the beginning of my long road to Vancouver. What is my plan? How am I going to get there? 

Well whilst sitting on on the plane flying to Kraków I’ll share a bit of my plan so as to follow and anticipate my movements. I have to say bye to the family in Poland. There are so many of them. I’ve enjoyed getting to know them over the last four or five years since I’ve first visited there as an adult. I don’t know when I’ll be back so it’s important. 

On Sunday I fly to Istanbul and spend a few days there followed by a few days in Dubai. From there I will fly to Mumbai and spend a few days there and then it’s a train to Goa. From there I have about a week to make it to Dheli. From there I will fly to Singapore and travel North overground to Bankok and if I have time I would like to get to Ankor Wat in Cambodia. Whatever happens I then fly to Hong Kong and travel through China with a group to Beijing. I then fly to Seoul And spend a few nights there and continue on to Japan and travel overland to Tokyo. Sometime in June I should be back in Vancouver. 

I woke up quite early this morning. Maybe it’s nervous anticipation or just wanting to get in with it. I certainly didn’t want to be late for the flight. Since it is so early getting there was a bit novel but smooth nonetheless. East Croydon to Gatwick and then check the bag just enough time for a coffee and a few breaths of fresh air.   

gatwick airport

The flight is packed no room for carry-ons  purses must fit in one bag. I got my favorite seat in the middle (not!) and I’m kind of glad I’ve slimmed down a bit. The woman beside me will head butt me soon as she falls asleep  missed me twice already as she woke up in time. The guy on the other side keeps shifting around and trying to grab more of the arm rest. 

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