Summertime Part II The Story Continues

It’s the last Saturday in June. Time is flying by and our nuptuals are fast approaching. There are all these things that have to be done. Some things are not related to our nuptuals but at they have to be done nonetheless. My project that I’ve set out for myself is really for us. It is a pair of night tables that will be attached to our bed frame. It would have been easy to buy a pair of night tables to place beside our bed however we have a problem… the storage drawers underneath would be useless. 

This is one of the tasks that I have to work on today. Early in the morning I went to get a few things to finish this project. I need pegs so that I could glue the pieces together. I’ve managed to design the things so that there are no nails or screws holding it together. I lost a stick that served as raw material it’s easier to go and buy another one. Chrl was going to go and check out the Pride Parade here in Saskatoon. It’s been going strong for a while here. There is a small but resilient LGBT community here amongst the conservative majority. Chrl supports all kinds of things and this is something that she enjoys attending especially since she was going with one of her classmates who is also similarly positioned with respect to these topics. 

I was working in the project at this time. I’ve been enjoying coming to the makerspace here and working on a few projects. I have a number of things that I’ve begun to do that I never have before. This is one of them. The yoga is the other.  Today was a day for woodworking though and my mind was consumed by focusing on this but it was also on other things. My writing has kind of been put on the back burner and a piece of me is a bit upset by that. Money came up as well as I ballparked income and expenditures. We have a few things that we have to figure out before the wedding with respect to the ceremony. We had decided to move the ceremony to another location due to logistics it relieved a lot of tension. Working on the project helps to focus the mind on the task at hand bringing with it a fresh perspective. When returning to issues or problems that arise out of daily life it feels like there is positive improvement in these situations. It feels good to be finally putting all these pieces together. 

The need to finish this project has been paramount on my mind. Many things are kind of on the back burner because of it. There are limited blocks of time when I can spend time working on it and during each of those blocks I can only do a limited amount of work but it brings me closer to the end. At the end of today’s session I managed to get one side glued toggether along with making dowels for the other side. I had drilled all the holes needed for the drawers and dry fitted the sliding mechanism for the drawers. This project is taking longer than expected but it will be worth it once it is finished. 

Later on we went and checked out Jazzfest again. There was another performer who was performing but we found that the Canada geese that were wandering around to be more fascinating. It appears that a group of parental units were supervising and herding their offspring together. We joked that the geese didn’t know who’s kids where theirs. It was neat to see them all acting in unison at any sign of danger from passing people rushing towards the water. One person allowed her child daughter a bit too close and an adult goose sounded the alarm and all of the geese retreated. 

On Sunday it was a bit of a laid back day. We went to continue our practice and each one of the classes results in me getting better. It’s a personal individual progression that each one of us gets by coming to class especially on days when the temperature is quite hot. I sweat buckets during these long ninety minute sessions and at the end of each one I am so surprised at the volume that when we get home I ask Chrl to feel my mat when we get home. She always refuses. 

As I made an espresso it appeared that we are running short on coffee so I decided to head out at this late hour in search of a bag. It’s hard to remember the precise timing of everything two weeks later. Recollections are becoming a bit fuzzy with all that has happened in the interveaning days. I remember that it was hot as I walked to a local corporate coffee chain location. Downtown Saskatoon doesn’t have any supermarket outlets. The convenience store that is close to us is closed on Sundays and I can’t trust their coffee beans anyways. I seemed to have developed a taste for something better over the years. 

The week that followed consisted of a familiar pattern. Get up in the morning and catch up on the news both on social media and my go to news aggregators. I feel like I have to change this pattern somewhat as it is not conducive to my desired productivity. Then I go to work and deal with whatever comes my way there. I’ve been there long enough that there are posts that I am happier doing. This week I’ve been in the stress room where we perform stress tests on cardiac patients. It is a fast paced room and most of the work gets done by lunchtime and in the afternoons I sometimes have a room to take care of on the floor. If I don’t it is a long afternoon trying to look busy. 

After work I have done one of two things either I go and work on my project or I go to yoga. If I go to work on the project I try to work for a couple of hours at least trying to get closer to the end. Each day I am there the project advances a little bit. I am trying to finish it to the point where I can take it home and finish it off by painting it. I am trying to be as precise as I can be with it. It is not going to be perfect but the sanding that I am doing takes care of the imperfections that have resulted from my imprecision. The learning curve is steep, time keeps ticking, the pressure is on. 

I make time to go to yoga as it is the way Chrl and I are getting ourselves ready for our upcoming nuptials. Chrl has been feeling the effects that all that studying has done on her body. I’m there to support her but I am also there to strengthen myself. As the years are advancing I would like to remain limber and over the past month or so I have felt myself become sore after each class. That soreness has also come with benefits like improved mood and better strength. The challenge is not against others but against myself and my own body. I am making up for the times I’ve missed because of my foot problem. As my practice continues I am learning to appreciate the challenge and the quiet it brings from all the noise that the outside world continually produces. There is no time to think about anything else besides having good posture and alignment. 

As the week rolls on these two alternative ways of spending my afternoons outside of work makes time flow quickly. There is continuous progress on all fronts as the long weekend approaches signaling a new month and some much needed respite from the daily grind. 

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