I Said Yes!

I said yes because I couldn’t say no. I said yes because as we filled our Days of Love and watched as each of us wrote you were patiently waiting your turn to write those words. You had that gleam in your eyes waiting to ask me that question. I said yes because I was waiting for you to be sure. We alluded to this before in our many conversations that we have had over these past years now. Has it been that long? I fumbled saying these words as if I wasn’t sure but I knew a long time ago.

I said yes because of a multitude of reasons that all want to come out at once but where to begin? You know of all those moments that we shared that seemed like magic was all around. Like blessings rained down from above and we in our bubble rode the waves, walked the streets and jumped on trains to get to where we needed to be. Like a team each watching each other’s back, lending a hand, and supporting when needed for our collective dreams’ fulfillment. We have had all those moments together in nothing but sheets and although we are settled we are still on some kind of a wild adventure out here on the prairie. I said yes because I want this to continue. For as long as we can together.

I said yes but I am still in shock. Here I thought it was just another Family Day when you spring this question upon me. The pop in my dreams as the cork flew from the mouth of the bottle and sweet bubbly spilled out in joyful celebration keeping me up with another set of ideas that are now working their way through my subconscious in search of more inspiration. Dreams in search of actualization have formed. Now it’s time for the rest of the picture become. I said yes because we fulfill each others.

I said yes because it feels right too. Maybe feelings sometimes block the truth that is underneath but I know what’s under there. We have individually walked through life along those rain soaked streets when superfluous thoughts get washed away. When getting home to a quiet abode and the flatmate is sleeping in their bed and everyone is predisposed at this moment in time. We come home now to a smiling face and a warm embrace.

I said yes because The search was over a long time ago. It was over months into us going places together. When we bared each other our souls and we didn’t flinch but held firm. When we were happy just to sit next to each other doing our thing distracted just enough to focus on what we had to do. It was all those notes and discussions about things that have nothing to do with us personally but mean something to somebody and that’s important too. We would like to live in a kind and just society and we are not selfish we want everyone to live in one too.

I said yes because of the way I feel about you. I know it’s going to change it’s going to get better. I know you’ll be there through all kinds of weather as we walk the path together.
















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