Stir Crazy So Away I Go

After a few days being cooped up inside the house it was time to visit Vancouver. I needed to get away for a few hours as I had to also get a few things done. The city called and wanted its regular weather back. What’s up with this arctic outflow that’s been blighting the usual rain and cloud that has given way to sunshine and cold? I could get a ride to the station and then make my way to the core.

There were practical reasons as things that I wanted to send to Saskatoon had to be packed up today. I needed to get those things first. The first stop was my dispensary. I wanted to stock up as much as practicable. We ain’t passing any borders so this is just another thing that will be part of what we will have delivered to us. This is so civilized now. Dispensaries are now seemingly free to distribute their wares to eager customers. The market is certainly there for those who wish to consume it. This is the West Coast after all. This quiet revolution has become a movement that has lead to the government debating full legalization next spring. 

It was nice and sunny. I walked for a while challenging my quickly atrophying muscles. All I’ve done is sleep and eat over the past couple of weeks. Last week at this time I was in Poland still and the week before I was in England. In two weeks time it will be my last day in British Columbia. These thoughts were not on my mind as I walked along Broadway towards Cambie. I admired the warmth of the sunshine and the frozen snow covered environment of my old neighborhood. Subtly there are changes happening. New businesses have opened up. Construction has completed on others while projects continue elsewhere. There were memories that sprung up as I passed my old flat. It somehow felt different as it’s clear that I or we will never live there again. 

As I reached Main Street it seemed a lot more colorful. There were murals on the sides of buildings that were not there before. I wanted to get a haircut so I decided to visit a place I went to quite often back in the day. The guys were free and they chatted about video games. He asked me what I wanted and I told him if he could “make it longer and thicker that would be great.” He paused for a sec and then laughed. The other guy said that he was going to see the new Star Wars movie. It is opening up tonight and the guy got some tickets. I feel so removed from this commercial culture. The other thing that fascinated me was just listening to them speak. Having been surrounded by brits for so long hearing a different accent is fascinating. The barber joked that he was going to retire to play video games next year. For someone who seemed like he geeked out on technology the conversation they had between them about gaming consoles indicated otherwise. The haircut looked good but in retrospect he didn’t trim my bangs short enough. Ugh!

Saskatoon is in the middle of the continent in the Praries. It is flat and far away from the moderating effects of water on temperature. I wanted to stop at one of the stores that specializes in outdoor gear. I have to get myself a jacket that could handle extreme sub zero temperatures and the associated wind chill from the wind. This will be something that will take some getting used to. I’m looking at a hefty bill for a good jacket. I might as well invest in a good one as it will serve me for a long time. Looking at the prices I decided that waiting for post Christmas sales would be the prudent thing to do. The good ones are quite expensive. 

Since I am in Vancouver I decided to stop in at my old work and drop off a Christmas card with some chocolates. One can never go wrong with chocolate. When I got there my old colleagues in each department that I worked in hugged me. They were happy to see me and I them. We had a good chat regarding what was going on and each department offered me a job as there are plenty around. There are people that are retiring and changes that continue to evolve the way that departments operate. I could have stayed longer but time is short for me as I had one more place to visit. 

I haven’t seen Danny Boy since he dropped me off at the airport in February. He happened to be home when I called him. He worked the night before and was home. We were going to meet up for coffee near his place. I was on the train there so I didn’t give him much of a heads up. I didn’t know how long it was going to take me to get everything done. I was going to meet him at one of the world wide coffee chain outlets. It’s funny how much they are alike and yet so different between the continents. One thing is for sure the wifi works much better than it does in most countries. I could easily sit there and video call someone. I should test that with Bernie one day. Maybe the new phone has something to do with it then again maybe not. Connection speed is connection speed. I should speed test it. 

I stood outside breathing in the fresh air. Soon though the cold prompted me to wait inside. I got myself a coffee and a warm sandwich thing. I like those quick convention ovens. I can get an americano done the way I like it. In Europe they look at me as if I were crazy. They don’t understand running the shots long for some reason. In The UK these outlets are also much busier but then again maybe that’s only London innit? 

Danny Boy showed up and it felt good seeing him. We’ve been friends for a long long time. So many friends I’ve lost track of. I’ve fortunately made new ones. Him I’ve continued to stay in touch with. The “great” social network doesn’t include everyone and people have their own relationship with it. Love it or hate it it is there. We have to somehow deal with it. 

Danny Boy looked good, he looked content and happy. Maybe that had something to do with our get together too. He asked me to explain my situation so that he could get the timing and relationship around my direction in life. I explained to him how it all developed. How chance smiled at me and now we are in pursuit of a common goal, an existence within the same time zone, the same one bedroom flat. He and his old lady are still going strong but have now come up against a conundrum. Where to go? How to set up the next phase amidst the constraints that they are faced with. 

We might get a visitor at some point in Saskatoon. There just isn’t enough time to spend more time chatting. There are so many things that still have to be done in preparation for my move the next day. The contents of my storage locker including Chrl’s things are going to be loaded onto a van and be shipped to Saskatoon. This was a great idea although costly. Still I can’t imagine us driving across the mountains inside a van big enough to hold all of these things. It would have been two days of nail biting stress. The mountains are probably cold and snowy. Everything is frozen. 

Danny Boy drove me to the station and I got picked up on the other side by my sis. I needed to get the rest of the packing done. I was taking the tv and it was still mounted on the wall. My dad has tools all over the place and it took a while to gather and find all the right tools that I needed for my task. The plasma screen is heavy. It’s an older model but I don’t really feel like spending money on buying a new one. This thing has a good picture and it’s enough for our needs. There was no box for it so I had to improvise. I wrapped the chairs so that their cream colored apholstery seat wouldn’t get stained. There was one on one of the chairs already. I organized all that I could. Still suffering from jet lag I succumbed to Morpheus for the night. 

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