Last Day of Work For Money This Year

I’m trying to record how I feel or how I think I feel or what I think about feeling. You get the gist of what I’m trying to say. Just over an hour ago I was told that I can go and continue packing. I thought it was going to be easier but it isn’t. The challenge is to make everything fit. I’ve acquired stuff and it expanded what I have to manage. 

I stepped out to a shop in order to procure some mix for the drinks I’ll be sipping while packing. The time has finally come to move again. This time it’s to begin a completely different life. We have been talking about this for such a long time and now the time is nigh.

I’ve enjoyed working with my colleagues and there was definitely a whole bunch of food to be had. The amount of food is directly proportional to how well the people around you feel about you. It was also a day when the slate hasn’t been as easy as it could have been. Many of the patients were not very mobile so it took a team effort to safely and carefully move them from one place to another. That kind of team effort is important for morale within a department. 

We had a lot of laughs including the practical joke we played on Laura our booking clerk. I suggested to Jenny that she put a stack of paper underneath the next batch of forms that she would be bringing over. All week I’ve been teasing Laura about not having enough patients to scan. It was an ebb kind of a week. 

Jenny made an adjustment by putting in underneath old forms that we already completed. They looked like new forms that needed to be scanned. She walked in holding the pile of papers by a seemingly bored Laura and dropped the pile on her desk. Laura’s eyes widened and she said ‘what is this?’ 

It takes a while to process each request. The data has to be entered and then the form has to be scanned in. Calling and booking a patient takes anywhere from 20-30 min. It’s been kind of skant for forms. The ones that have come in have been dealt with. The pile before her represented two weeks of work. Sophie was up in arms too. She had to help Laura with the work. It was quite a lot. 

As they looked through the pile they quickly realized that most of the forms were old ones. Jenny immediately pointed at me saying that it was my suggestion. Busted! Laura mentioned that she couldn’t sleep last night because of how much work she was anticipating. Sophie almost busted Jenny the night before with the pile of old forms. 

The trick was to do it with a straight face and Jenny did that well this morning. As for the rest of the day for me it was enjoyable to work even if it was sad. I enjoy what I do and doing it well to the end is important to me. The end is just as important as the beginning. I heard that somewhere sometime and it stuck with me. 

I gotta get on with packing. 

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