Journey to *Visits* and Return

There is something about being in motion that encourages my mind to be filled with awe at the moving scenery. It may be the low sun illuminating multi colored leaves as they whither away in preparation for winter. The sun sets quickly after rising never reaching a high zenith like in the summertime. Being out in the country and having a different perspective on the horizon allowed me to track as sun rises moved further and further south. The sunrise now is obscured by foliage that has grown high over the years. 

I’m on my way to meet up with Bernie as we have planned to visit with each other before I left. There are precious few weeks left before I leave this isle. There are many people to visit as I say my goodbyes again. They feel different this time around. The last time there was this adventurous anticipation this time there is a journey ahead of me or more precisely us. This time there are more knowns and a completely different set of unknowns. 


At a certain time it was time to put the device down and just stare out the window. Pretty soon I was going to arrive at Salisbury for my final visit with Bernie. I couldn’t stare at the screen any longer. My right thumb sore from all the intricate movements that interacting with a screen require. But you get on with it don’t cha? The compulsion to interact and express propels you despite the pain or discomfort. It just needs a bit of rest. It could also me the bitter chill that is affecting the joints. Maybe it’s becoming more conscious of mortality and hitting up against the limits. But you can’t stay inside and hide from the outside world. You have to continue getting out there. So my mind raced as the pace of the train oscillated from slow to fast. Each new vista a new ripple from a drop of another idea. Maybe that’s what brought on the literal storm that came later. 

We’ve been in regular contact so we could just get on with the conversation. I admired his new tires from a double blow out he had last week. The poor car keeps on going though. As does Bernie. He was showing me his website that he has been working on. Radio Silo is his little pet project. He makes it all look so easy. Once it is up and running with people taking turns playing their music mixing or performing live. It would be interesting if people could take this concept to a live broadcast or theatre performances or some kind of programs like that. The ethos behind his work is valiant. It is for the love of a particular music but also as a pushback against the commercialism that has taken over resulting in a loss of a feeling. The way that music has been taken in a certain direction packaged for the masses. We wondered at some examples and discussed weather or not people were actually feeling it and enjoying it or were they were just acting as if they did. 

We were hungry and not wanting to spoil our appetite for a birthday dinner for son who was sick the week before on his actual birthday. We were pacing as everyone got ready. Bringing kids and gathering everything took a while. There are all these independent variables that then have to proceed in order. We had to have the meal quickly because the parking garage closes and shuts at 8pm sharp. The wait for every course from the drinks to the food itself was an agonizing experience as we watched the clock. Will there be enough time to eat? Of course we did but we needed to stress a bit too however little it was. We didn’t want the cars to be locked in especially since we drove in two seperate vehilcles. They chose a restaurant that could accomodate the young and the elderly. They have done this before and all in all it was a smooth transition between all of the stages along this journey. 

Bernie and I returned to his shed once we came back. We had a few beers and continued chatting about various different things in the world that have been happening lately. While we were talking I finally managed to back up my phone. It’s been six weeks since a full one completed. It’s a symptom of having no high data connection to the outside world. I am not backing things up using cellular data. Anyways I was in awe of what Bernie had to do to get high speed data service to his house. He ran fiber to a   Dish that is pointed at a dish that allows him to get access to a high speed line. It is all part of the poor broadband connectivity that exists in many rural places in this country. Companies don’t want to spend the money wiring all the outlying houses just for few subscriptions. They have to contain spiriling costs. 

I have met some good people out here and it will be sad to be away from them. Further than I am now. Life evolves though don’t it? You meet people and for a while they become closely associated with you and you have an effect on each other’s lives. It’s part of the twists and turns that are part and parcel of a vagabond life. Out on the road you get confronted and encounter people, places and things that challenge and encourage your growth. As you explain yourself you clarify not only to others but also yourself the type of person you are and want to be. By representing yourself truthfully even if it’s difficult you gain something. This was reinforced time and time again throughout our friendship. 

We stayed up late and although we didn’t do much more than just hang out it was good. We laughed as we all chatted about what we probably would have done if we were half our age and in the same situation. We would have probably gone out on some kind of ‘epic’ night out. Things change though and things being the way they are it was much more subdued. Some of that pre rolled hung thick in the air acting in a somniferous manner. 

The effects of the big boy cans were still evident in the morning. Where was I? Oh yeah… Time to get ready for the road and have the morning chat with everyone. I packed my project that got delivered to his place and with the trouble I had booking the return journey I know it’s going to be an arduous journey back to Hull. The storm last night as we say there overturned the big trampoline and obtuse news it talked about the merchant vessel being involved in some sort of collision with a barge. It was the first named storm of the season. 

His kids all said goodbye however they could. At the station we chatted a bit until it was time for me to get on the train. I had to go south before getting into the train to Waterloo. Engineering works interfered with direct services between these two cities. It added two hours to my journey. This is the longest journey I’ve had here in a while. If I remember correctly the journey from his place last time to Stafford was equally treacherous. Oh well. As convenient as these services are they are plagued by problems relating to multiple operators working independently of each other. Buying tickets to get anywhere fast results in a service that doesn’t allow for one fare but multiples. All the tracks lead to London and thus it acts as a conduit for a lot of the traffic. I probably paid too much for my journeys. 

As my journey progresses the various stops allowed me to eat and fuel up on lattés. I inadvertently smoked my last pre roll a bit too early as I just missed my train from Kings Cross to Hull and had to wait until the next one. I couldn’t jump on a different service that I know would get me close since I would have to buy another ticket. At least this time I am not feeling sick and hanging out in the lavatory. It was a bit warmer than it was earlier. The hour and a half rolled by quickly. I rushed to get on the train when it was called rightfully so as it bacame standing room only. The guy next to me mentioned something about being at a wedding the night before so he is passed out mostly. I am kind of awake and desiring to get back to my flat today. It’s been a long journey. 

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