After Three Pints

A bit wobbly. It’s a packed train, supposedly the Kings Cross to Hull service is out of commission. I don’t know what happened but it was serious enough to get people to go to Manchestet and then East to Hull. These little inconveniences are common in the UK when traveling from one city to another. 

It was the last time for a long time for me to make it to see my mate in Lamchester for a pint. Over the past year since we met and had pints almost on a monthly basis we built up a relationship. Making new friends is something that on always desires to do. Making new friends is something great. How often can the reflection back to the process be so clear. Each time was a new experience. It is just a process by which people get to know each other. It would have been awkward if we didn’t get along. I guess we would have rubbish we the process. Sabotaging it somehow. 

All those tiny little steps cordial conversation unti the boundary is pushed further out. I wonder if I raise this topic…what kind of reaction will I get? Is it similarities or interest that keeps us coming together. Respect for the other? Necessity? Common understanding? Life has us going to different places. 


There was going to be a bit more but I fell asleep on the train. It was packed and I felt tired. Once I got home I passed out happy after my little adventure. 

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