Thinking About Working

It’s amazing how much time passes when focused on a particular task. Lately that focus has been on making something. This something is a present that I would like to give to all the people I will be visiting before I leave. 

This project is a book that will have so many pages and so many images. I’m still not quite sure how many I will put in there but I am trying to limit that to about a hundred. This project has been sloshing away in my mind for a while. At fist I was going to just use the past year or so but then I thought about it and I realized that it wouldn’t cover enough.

What has been of interesting importance has been the effect that these people have had on me over the past six years. That marks the time when I reaquainted myself with them after a long twenty-six year absence. My family emigrated to Canada while Poland was still under communist rule. We didn’t all go at once but split this into two. Memories of that time and the years that followed are slowly becoming hazy in my mind and before they do I would like to record them for the future. This present project will explore travels and experiences as well as the reconnection that has taken place. I don’t have much time before the deadline to send the project off for publishing so my energies will be devoted to that and not the recording of the everyday drama that is a constant companion here in this location. 

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