366th Entry

Has it really been that many?! This is like a conversation that happens around a dinner table or over a coffee and not to a mass audience. My days recorded and my actions and thoughts expressed through this medium. 

This jarring realization through observing a casual statistic is in contrast to the general feeling of frustration. The flatmate is a bit of a slob and a bit inconsiderate even though I watched him clean. He has a cleaner and a wife to clean up for him at home and he hasn’t learned to do it for himself. My mother’s teaching as a young boy float into my mind as she said that “a man should know how to do everything” including basic things around the house. 

I shouldn’t be whinging about this here but confronting him. I was about to start but we got to talking about stuff as he was cooking and cleaning up. I had finished my prep for the next day and he still had a few things to finish. He never did by the time I went to bed and then as I fell asleep his door slammed waking me from drifting off. This is annoying. 

I wonder if I’ll find the right words to say today. I think I will. Will he be there? Why am I pussyfooting around this confrontation? Maybe it’s because I think that it won’t solve anything and the animosity between us will start. But in my mind it has started already. Maybe it’s just finding the right words to say in order for it to be heard and understood. Maybe I need some anger to finally push me over the edge. I recall my recent convo with Ba(r)be about this very issue that she had with her own flatmate recently. 

This problem is a microcosim of a wider problem that is facing humanity. The way people relate to one another and how different people perceive this relationship between each other. We are currently bombarded with the vote to Brexit and how in the opinion of many the campaign and rhetoric has deteriorated into mud slinging. There is no truth in the debate anymore. What is happening is slanting by one side and the other. 

On the one hand you have the leave campaign that rests it’s argument on the notion that it can get a better deal for Britain outside the EU. This will take time and it’s not guaranteed. How is it going to negotiate access to the European market? Are they not going to have to pay something to access it? As for the rest of the world how are they going to ensure that they get the best deal? What if economically they will be desperate to get some sort of deal done and they don’t get the deal that they are after? All these negotiations will have consequences for the common man and woman not the negotiators. The banking system is the biggest thing the UK has going for it. This will be hampered. 

As far as the Remain campaign their message hasn’t been really clear either. The benefits of being part of a union with other nations allows the free flow of goods, services and people. The benefit of this is profound. The problem is that the UK is seen as a very attractive place to go to and settle. The strain on the system is noticeable but it is also a driver of the economy. More people spending increases economic activity. Restricting this will have a detrimental effect on the economy. The uncertainty is already hampering investment. 

However one looks at it people somehow have to work together in order to have some sort of semblance of civilized life. We want to live our lives and grow old.  What is happening in the greater world with a strife amongst groups and the consequences for the common person is seen in the desperation that migrants show in risking their lives to get to Europe. I’d be doing the same thing if I were in their shoes. They are escaping a life of poverty and violence. Their numbers are scaring the population and disrupting the social fabric. A few thousand fine hundreds of thousands…. well that might be a problem. People with a certain political leaning use this as ammunition. 

There is more to say but my time is short and work calls. 

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