Rest on A Sunny Day 56

Where does the time go? Just a few hours ago it was much earlier and now the end is that much closer. My theme lately has been to watch the time and watch the seconds tick by one by one. There was more that I could have done but my body and my mind didn’t want to take that journey. It wanted to relax and sit in anticipation of more chats through the interwebs. 

Morning clouds hung around but were no match for the sun today. They didn’t have the fortitude to withstand the winds and the heat that dissipated them. They are not often defeated like this but today they were. As I wandered into town feeling overdressed in a tee shirt and long trousers protection for the eyes was necessary to protect against their rays. 

In town I sat at a cafe I never sat in before to compose my thoughts about the day before. I had time, precious amount of time and as I sat there it stood still for me this moment. Perception has that characteristic but the shadows moved following the sun. Following the pitter-patter of flip-flopped feet carrying the body. Sometimes they were heels with their distinctive power as all that weight produces the sound. It was a quieter street with few if any interruptions. 

Me skin absorbed some of those rays I was told. The connection was clear enough to transmit my glowing hue as my skin recovered from the slight burn. I watched the little one consume his food and point to something in his imagination that he still doesn’t have the words for. I think he still recognizes me he certainly smiles sometimes and reacts to my silly faces. It was good to catch up with my sis in law and my sleepy brother who lumbered down the stairs. 

Ba(r)be and I also had a chat. By the end my butt hurt from sitting for too long but these conversation have a big impact. The sound and sight allows us to continue longing for each other. The conversations encompass a wide range of topics some practical and some esoteric. It’s a build up a slow movement in a concerto that is building up to a crescendo but really we are just on our way to a new plateau. We are riding a wave that will resonate as sweet notes from a piece of music. A song that will lift us up and carry us through this aether.

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