The Daily Brief 75

Change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes days, months, and sometimes years to get to a spot where inspiration pointed at the beginning. All that graft and all that energy spent towards the fulfillment of that goal. It is often said that it is the journey that matters and not the end result. The end result becomes the beginning of the next journey. 

Lately I’ve focused my thoughts and energies on diet and excercise. Initially it was a response to the poor fare found in the cafeteria and since then it has morphed into tracking my diet quite religiously although not as precisely as in the beginning. As for excercise I do a lot of walking and have tried to perform a twenty minute routine of various body weight excercises as often as I can. I’ve pared down this routine to make it as short as possible so that I can perform it on a daily basis. I’ve found that performing a routine daily leads to the best results. 

In a couple of weeks I will reach 90 days of this tracking excercise and diet bit. I’m thinking of how to present these results. It will have to be in terms of a report where the facts are presented in some kind of fashion. I’m writing this down so that I follow through with it. 

The last few days it’s been nice but this morning the rains have moved in and it looks like it will stay with us for a few days continuing through the weekend. I made the trip to the super shop yesterday and made my breakfasts for the remainder of the week. These fruit bowls in the morning are a nice start to the day. By making them in bulk I actually end up saving money. 

There was a neat story about an old couple visiting a club in London. They are in their seventies and enjoyed a good night out together. The DJ is singing their praises and it was nice of him to show such respect for them. In my years spent in the industry there were rare times when such things happened. The irregulars out to have a good time are an important variable to a night. Their enthusiasm to have a good time infects the atmosphere. Very often this is positive. 

To the man who made a mistake by leaving a training device behind leading to the evacuation of the stadium in Manchester apologized. Good on him! As a letter writer stated “you don’t see enough of it these days” referring to people accepting responsibility. Shit happens right. 

It is soon time for me to start the shift today. It will be somewhat busy I hope. It helps to pass the time earning that dough that helps happiness

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