Me Soapbox 76

As I venture further along this road of mine the content of my work has been changing. At first during the beginning of my journey it detailed the events that brought me from one place to another. Lately as my daily events have become repetitive the content has changed morphing into a more reflective and critical focus. It’s not just the world but myself that’s been analyzed. 

One can confront each and every personal slight and injustice but that only leads to anger and resentment. The more one looks the more the world is filled with these sorts of inequalities. I try to rise above that but it still affects me and makes me ponder the reasons behind such occurrences. There is an eye towards the long term goal and the cost benefit of confrontation. The underlying issues that create such behavior stem from our society’s structure. Our natural human capacities are woven into the rules and regulations. The laws which govern how such and such should be performed and excecuted. This breeds the behavior we see. 

On me soapbox I can stand and shout words that express how I feel about these things. It would be nice though to stand at a podium and actually direct the kind of changes that I would like to see. There were great people in the past that saw and tried, some that accomplished and many who we don’t acknowledge or remember for their contribution. Time moves on and a new generation is born another reaches adolescence all the way down the line until we reach the old who face the prospect of departing from this mortal globe. 

On me soapbox it helps to have an audience. Someone that actually listens to these words. We are all in it together as individuals but we have to steer this ship correctly to our desired goal. We have these ideals that have been arrived at before which we are still trying to actualize. These notions of togetherness shared by being members of a common humanity. Change is hard and what of those that don’t agree or that have other ideas? 

On me soapbox the dramas play out. Who slept with whom and who is splitting up? How much flesh was shown and did you see those abs? Not much time for anything else soon the hour comes to fall asleep and do it all again. The struggle is all to real but we shouldn’t complain. Life is good they tell us then change their mind and say it’s gone to shit so vote for us. 

Standing on me soapbox used to be a lot easier back then. It was actually a box. Now it’s as thin as a piece of paper and even if I’ve lost some weight it would still be crushed under my weight. Subconsciously I’d like to be on a soapbox in a soapbox saying all these things. Debating and fighting for all the right things. If anything this time spent thinking about things it feeds into how can I accomplish all of these things? 

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