Bank Holiday 90

It’s not in chronological order even if it’s moving forward. One timeline intertwining with another the pace as quick as as a spider spinning a web. The end result is the same a structure formed to serve a purpose and now it’s time to wait. 

This time is a sacrifice for our long term well being. Those lessons taught to me all those years ago about patience and commitment have finally bore its fruit. The journey into adulthood is frought with perils but those only make the fruit sweeter and more succulent. All that effort goes into making something out of almost nothing. Building upon the spark borne out of love and commitment into a mature individual. 

That effort was there making my reality into the reality that I know. These bricks that lie before us need to be placed into their spot following the blueprint that we now negotiate. With sound plans and persistence the elements will not hinder us and the proverbial picket fence will be our fortress. A fortress wherein the magic of dreams will be transformed into a concrete structure a stage for our play. 

Maybe my body didn’t go nowhere but my mind travelled near and far. This extra day off allowed the mind to drift off into space. The dreams contained within are in a space infinitely large grandiose sometimes in fact. It’s not good to get carried away as their realization happens one step, one day at a time. 

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