Tales of Passion 94

She asked me to write her something. To write her a story that would entice her and elicit feeling. We had exchanged sexts before filled with innuendo and specific acts to spice up an already hot affair. We were carefree then two souls adrift in an ocean sailing toward our individual destinations. 

It’s been cold and miserable lately. The northern weather swooping down from the Arctic the last punch of a season relagated to memory. Work has been busy with too many bookings and not enough time to scan the full time required by the protocols. Couple that with fewer people manning their posts and the result is overtime which I cannot participate in. I’m too expensive for that. I missed my usual train home on each of those days as I missed the bus once and the other time the bus took to long to get to the station. Rain was falling pretty hard yesterday. Driven by the wind it made for a slow drive through the winding streets. 

As I sat on the train I imagined a scene somewhere sometime in the future. We are on our little adventure in our hotel room away from the public enjoying each other’s company. The tale evolved in that scene the sun shining through the curtains that are blowing in the light wind. It’s summertime and the weather is hot and humid conducive to the dirty epic that is taking shape in my mind. I wonder if the guy behind me can read this text I wondered. 

The words flowed one after another. The right words seemed to be there when needed. Imagination is a wonderful thing if it even is such a thing. It’s not physical and it can’t be measured but it brings the physical into light like the different parts of your body and the different feelings that those parts elicit. I cleared my throat a couple of times and looked out the window conscious of my state. No need to get all worked up. I wrote this epic over two days and spent the rest of my time thinking about what to write. How to be explicit without being vulgar, loving while at the same time making the story hot like those letters written in magazines that no longer grace the newsstands. 

It’s encouraging that I’ve found someone that even though we are so far apart inspires such feelings inside.  This separation is a challenge for sure but as some articles that I’ve read recently state it’s important to flip the negativity onto its head. To make lemonade when given lemons. It’s a measured approach and through our conversations it becomes clear that we want to give this relationship a go as we both imagine walking through life hand in hand having each other’s back. 

What’s in visualization? A picture or a feeling represented in pictorial form. The feeling itself symbolized by an act frozen and appreciated from afar. Even though that visual is right there it might as well be on the other side of the world. It can’t be touched or viewed outside of the mind. These visuals were there a long time ago but they didn’t have a face just arms legs and a body or at least a representation of all of the above. 

We are steadily on course toward our common destination. We accept the shifting perspectives that come with each successive wave of reality. Bobbing up and down the shore comes in and out of view the pier still fuzzy in the distance but the harbor has a beacon beconing us to come. 

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