Stillness in Motion

Before I begin that silence even though music plays through the little speaker. To time the words to that one tooth in the spinning gear that supports the whole mechanism. The stream begins with a single drop. That primary molecule at that minuscule level that leads the pack and one can say dragging the rest of the molecules with it until the stream establishes itself along the mechanical description that can’t easily be described with just maths. There is always some uncertainty inherent in any system. Always seek to decrease uncertainty by gathering more info. Sit up with better posture think but let it flow.

Rolling hills undulated as the pendolino train raced through the countryside. In retrospect I should have moved but at the time being I sat there crushed beside this guy. I was done reading the newspaper. I read the salient stories that caught my initial attention. It wasn’t that there wasn’t any more to read but it got tiring focusing on those letters and keeping track with some of those stories. It was nice out and I was glad to be heading back this early. I got into London yesterday and set about meeting everyone. After my first appointment I was walking by this barber shop and the line up wasn’t too long so I went in. I read this piece in Esquire magazine about there being great difficulty telling 25-45 year old men apart. Some look younger than their age whilst others look much older than their iD indicates. It proved to be a good talking point with my barber. He being half a decade older than me and bragging that some woman thought he was in his early thirties a few weeks ago.

“She was clearly drunk… She must have been drunk” he said.

He was impressed with my age and we segued into the history of this shop and that it has been at this location since ’72 but the original was started in ’09. It used to be under Clapham Junction until it was forced to move. We talked about politics and the upcoming Brexit Vote, about the history of and impact of european relations all within the twenty minutes it took him to cut my hair. I had always wanted to come into this place but never had the time or opportunity. There were other places closer and more convenient at that time. It was nice being back in the olde ‘hood. Time was limited though I had to make it to Joe’s and then to Rita’s. I stopped at a favourite restaurant for a nice lunch and then made my way down to Joe’s.

He recently acquired a new set of wheels and he was set at wanting to give me a ride in it. I denied him that pleasure by being about an hour behind schedule. These extra stops along the way distractions along the road as segues usually result in these appreciative moments. There was a sense of nostalgia to those times not too long ago living it up in this city. I matured here and let go of many things while chipping away at what I really wanted. Now I was thinking about fulfilling that desire while not thinking about the brisk wind that was blowing through the land. That desire to fulfil those dreams of mine is slowly brewing and as my thoughts reach out across time and space she slept. When I finally got to Joe’s his son was asleep too. It’s nice to visit old friends and sit chin wagging about life and the events contained within the times that have passed. Joe’s passion for grass keeps being thwarted. He is considering getting artificial turf installed in his garden. There just isn’t enough sunlight to sustain it’s growth. Gulnara is looking forward to the garden being useable too. As it stands now the protective netting is all there is to admire. The foxes haven’t been digging since it’s installation.

Looking at the watch it was time to go and visit Rita. Joe and I are to meet up later for a few pints as he got a hall pass for the night. Rita didn’t know I was coming. Jaco and I set up a time when she would be there. I stopped at a shop to pick up some chocolate for her. She is still with child so she needs something sweet and nutritious. These dried super fruit might also be nice as well as these cookies… I wasn’t empty handed anymore. 

She wasn’t expecting me and was surprised to see me. Jaco’s instruction for her not to leave the house made sense to her now. We chatted and hung out for a while Jaco and his son joining us soon thereafter. They are all doing well. Their house is slowly being refurbished in preparation for their new arrival. They were curious about how I’m doing and how I see things shaping up in the future. I told them of my plans and they told me theirs. 

It was time to meet up with Joe. We were going to go bar hopping around Clapham as it is easy for us to get there from our respective positions. We talked about relationships and the future and how it all fits together. Our mini pub crawl took us to some interesting little places. Places that we have visited before. Places that Joe commented were filled with many lonely people. A big city like this holds many people in this state seeking to find solace in the arms of another even if for one night. As things go sometimes the one night can lead to many more. 

We ended up getting back after midnight. We ate the left overs and chatted while I set up my computer to update things into the cloud. The wifi at my house has been spotty and it was nice to have the speed with which to properly synch and update what was needed. 

In the morning after a coffee and playing with their baby I left for my return journey. My initial motivation to come to London was the desire to take photos inside this graffiti covered underpass at Waterloo station. I remember seeing it before and for some reason the compulsion to visit it today was strong even if I felt tired. The sun was shining bright and it was still early enough that there weren’t many people there. 

I ate and enjoyed my brew afterwards before making my way to Euston to catch a train back to Stafford. I read the paper and eventually put it down on the train to gaze out the window at the undulating landscape passing by. My thoughts were accross the world and the conversations we will have soon. There was food to be bought and preparations to get ready for the week ahead. It’s moving forward while holding still in my heart. 








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